There is important information in this article.

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I am posting this article earlier than planned due to the fear that can be generated by learning a fleet of UFOs can be seen approaching Earth.  There is important information in this article.   




Nancy B. Detweiler

With Twin Flame, Uriel


Uriel and I begin by saying that we mean no disrespect for the family members of passengers on Malaysian flight 307 by using this experience as a learning moment for all of us.  I lost my husband suddenly, so I understand to an extent the trauma that not knowing the fate of loved ones can create.  For his part, Uriel is on board a Mothership and lending insights from his perspective.

Because both Ukraine and flight 307 have gained worldwide, extended attention, they hold the potential to be sources of learning for our planetary community. …

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What Would The World Look Like If America Did Not Exist ?


Dinesh D’Souza’s New Movie ‘America’ Asks An Amazing Question



” Has America been a force for good or evil in the world?  Would the world have been better off had America never existed? Starting from the premise of George Washington’s death in 1776, “America” attempts to answer these questions.”


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