This way to death by alcohol…REALLY???

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this way death by alcohol

by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday at coffee a woman nearby me spilled sugar on the table which suddenly prompted the stranger sitting beside me to say, “Every time I see white powder on a table I can’t help but think of cocaine

Excuse me?” I said

The older man continued, “Oh sorry, that probably didn’t sound right. I’m a retired judge and I worked in drug court for the last thirty years of my career“.

Since I spent last year working at a drug rehabilitation clinic we cross-referenced a few names and it turns out we had some mutual acquaintances.

You’d think a drug court judge would be really tough on criminals wouldn’t you? But I’ll tell you something, when I was in my forties my younger sister got hooked on heroin and it changed my entire perspective on life. I knew…

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Duet poem with Ihsan: A Lovers Dream


Duet I wrote with an amazing poet and overall awesome person, Ihsan –>

Ihsan is a writer who I haven’t known for that long, but already he has me hurrying over to his blog almost every day for my daily doses of beauty!

I adore his writing style because it speaks of love and the wonders of life. Check out his blog, you will not be disappointed. (well, you will if you don’t!) 😉

Thank you Ihsan, it was an absolute pleasure to write with you! ❤

a lovers dream

A Lovers Dream

In a winter wonderland dream

I lay my head gently on your shoulder

And look up to the stars in the sky

Who will watch over us as we grow older


I reach out and embrace your hand

In its warmth worries melt away

The stars tell me all is fine

As long as we’re together


In this…

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