Seriously, I truly thank u for posting, because we all need to know. So thanks again for posting. I have just some questions that goes out to anyone of sound mind, did u see his eyes???
No, seriously? That creeps me out to see all these ppl who hold the power to this and that? 

Then at this point I decide to leave the post and make a post of my own.

Does anyone see what I see? Not meaning anything funny, but…do u see their eyes????? The post about “Man holds key to internet”

Why is it that all these ppl who literally came out of nowhere politely positioned themselves in this countries offices of “power” and they all look-alike with that wide-eyed glaze of a mad person???? The shooters, of different false flags,  had those same eyes???(Labels) a false flag??? Ppl died???? and it’s a just a false flag? And u know ppl have gotten used to the term, all the lives behind it are invisible. They are creating our lives like a blog, u see the story and the story is rolled on by, on to the next and next and next. and there we r stepped up another step closer to the end of humanity. They are so right, they are? Ppl are so in to their lives and money, (when they have their own anyway)? But anyway, while they are looking at their money, authority or whatever? Plz take the time to look up (sheeple) (sorry, not everyone) looking at the arse in front… not looking up to see the slaughter-house ahead. Can yall look up for just a minute, and look in their eyes? And can u see something is real wrong? Because with every inch they are grabbing millenniums, and because of “occupying” but not occupying an office, it’s OK. They have been taken over the net, key or no key. The programming  is brilliant  they know humans very well, but I guess the same with anything, u take what they own, and control it. I don’t care what ur doing or what u think is positive for u in all this in the end?  If u can’t see this, ur Ray Charles (RIP),  even if they just wanted the value and the control, but it’s far worse, and everyone is respecting a “title” and not the person? So it doesn’t matter what ur mental capabilities truly show, but because of that “title” oh it’s OK?  I saw a movie, about Wyatt Earp, who I admire, but maybe un aware he helped start this. But when tragedy struck Morgan, he told them all, “those men can not stand behind no laws” This ain’t no rabbit hole it’s a fall through the Earth, straight on out into the universe?! So, we live in a world with wide-eyed crazed acting ppl,? OK  Those eyes tell it all, where is Rodney? We really need someone to make it to the tower and disconnect some ppl from the “wide-eyed” signal. They don’t even look human, sorry, especially the White ones, the Blacks, u don’t have to trance them out, I guess? “U don’t have to trance me out bro”? I like this!  Coming from slavery, over the years  heck naw, u ain’t gotta trance them out,  especially money and “power”?  I’m sorry, I luv Black ppl, but there are as many Black Reptilians as White? We know now, it’s a genocide of all, but at first it was supposedly about ppl of color, and u got BLACK ppl assisting, sittin up there wearing purple???? OK…???  I mean it’s a beautiful color and all, I see it all around, it’s all over. And I see it as man wearing or sporting the color of their own destruction. Ppl can wear what they want, just sayin… Even though I know it’s the genocide color for the human race, many don’t and just like it. Maybe they don’t know, but if u do and back then? And Black, what are u doing with it on??? Of all (ppl? WTFreak??? Plz  somebody make it to the tower, and disconnect them? Or show me I’ll go, dang…I want to laugh but it is so not funny.  Puleeze, I just want to say, even if ur with all this, can’t u see, something ain’t quite right here? If I receive something to help humanity I will share, but will anything help? I think they may even be good ppl just need to be unplugged from insanity. U gotta give them credit, they made a pure – T fool out of mankind, while looking spaced out without I guess anyone noticing? Peace and luv to all world- wide.