Petition Update · Greyhounds are dying at Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida ·


Repeal the law requiring Florida gambling facilities to offer greyhound racing.
by Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA · 217,198 supporters
Petition update
Greyhounds are dying at Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida
Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA

Oct 18, 2016 — Twenty-five greyhounds have died at the Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida since 2013. The fate of many more dogs is unknown. In the summer of 2016 we documented dozens of violent collisions at this track. We are closer than ever to ending dog racing in Florida but we still need your help. Please share this video widely and encourage your friends to sign this petition. You can also donate to help end dog racing in Florida here:

Thank you
AZ just banned dog racing, FL can too!
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217,198 supporters
82,802 needed to reach 300,000

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United States Must Answer For War Crimes In The Middle East

peoples trust toronto
The West is feverishly seeking someone to blame for the catastrophic situation in the Middle East. Following on from John Kerry, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced his intention to request that the International Criminal Court investigate Russian «war?

Vía Global Research

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Verdict: Monsanto Guilty Of Crimes Against The Planet And Humanity

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Judge Françoise Tulkens: ?civil society has to help International Law to develop and include ecocide? (Monsanto Tribunal Day 3, The Hague)
– and indeed civil society is helping. Not only did the Monsanto Tribunal open up the space for testimony?

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The Story Changes: The Pentagon Is No Longer Sure Yemen Fired Missiles At US Warship

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Last Thursday, after two consecutive missile attacks on the US Navy ship USS Mason, which allegedly were launched by Houthi rebel forces in Yemen, the US entered its latest military engagement in the middle east, when the USS Nitze launched?

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Generating Hate against Russia: The Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda From The New York Times

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The New York Times is so determined to generate hate against Russia that it has lost all journalistic perspective, even portraying Russia’s military decoys – like those used in World War II.
If the dangers weren’t so great – a?

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Jonas Alexis 10-18-16… “Rodrigo Duterte to New World Order agents: “I’ll humiliate you””

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_jonas_alexis_banner_24This goes along with the first article cited in this recent Kp blog post. The world is waking up and are standing up for themselves, individually and collectively.

I do believe that what is happening around the planet with “smaller” countries like this is a very positive sign for all those here in the Kingdom of Hawai’i who know the Kingdom is still here, and was illegally stolen (actually “not stolen”), and eventually “hidden” by converting (once again, illegally) to a state of the US (actually, of THE USA CORP). That injustice/misjustice is coming to an end, in part, thanks to countries like the Philippines.

“…it seems that he [Duterte] has had enough of the New World Order ideology in the Philippines. In fact, many Asian leaders are tired of this diabolical plan, which has been forced upon much of the entire world through covert means. Duterte doesn’t…

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VIDEO Rescue America: leaving the Obamas, Clintons, and fictionally-aggrieved in the gutter

Reclaim Our Republic

The hour is late, but take heart, America: Restore a beloved and noble America to where she rightfully belongs: as the only world leader capable of saving a fast declining west


Rescue America: by leaving the Obamas, the Clintons & the fictionally-aggrieved in the gutter

Oct 15, 2016 By Judi McLeod

From the front lines of the hard fought patriot battleground comes the REAL NEWS of our time,  It’s the news that takes We the People over the top called: Out-voting the frauds.

Let history record that It’s a message that found light in the trenches even as frantic Dems played in the gutter digging up manufactured scandals against Donald J. Trump, destined to boomerang back as soon as they hit sunlight, moth-bitten, 30-year old ones that match the dead leaving graves as live Hillary Clinton voters.

We the People outnumber the flunkies of the regressive ‘progressives, and outnumber them…

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