New Jersey Cop Scott Krissinger Pulls Driver From Burning Truck


RAW] Hero Cop Saves Man From Burning Car: Cape May Police Officer Scott Krissinger, New Jersey



” ‘A true hero’: Dramatic moment cop pulls unconscious driver from burning car and then runs back to save more people.

  A New Jersey police officer is being hailed a ‘true hero’ after he ran towards a burning car and pulled out a man trapped inside and dragged him to safety.

  Cape May Police Officer Scott Krissinger, 27, saw the burning truck on Monday night on Sunset Boulevard in West Cape May.

  He pulled the unconscious driver, Gerald Ferrill, 61, of Mays Landing, out of the car and then went back again to see if there was anyone in the passenger seat.

  The incredible rescue was caught on the police officer’s patrol car dash cam.

‘  He didn’t hesitate,’ Cape May Police Captain Rob Sheehan told NBC10. ‘He’s…

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What Does Being a Base Currency Mean Exactly? – By Mountain Goat …w/ comment emails between Karen Hudes, Wolfgang Struck, and Raymond Bennell

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This is a really important email.  There is much information being exposed for the first time publicly  regarding the RV and the global collateral accounts. Make sure you read the emails between Karen Hudes, Wolfgang Struck, and Raymond Bennell at the bottom of this article and the others posted in the the original article. I feel this information is invaluable.  There are like a thousand email addresses of many private corporate government and agency officials.

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 Europe central bankEditors note:  …  This incredible article, written by someone under the name “Mountain Goat”, was forwarded to me for possible inclusion on our site.  After reading it…

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