Beautiful Human being


Beauty is in your heart, your soul and that light shines from within, never  dim. Something that can never ever be taken away, no matter what. She was such a loving and giving humanitarian, if there is a heaven I know she is there. What glorious beauty there would be if everyone was like her.

But unfortunately, evil is there with no conscious or reasoning, the reasoning is this, nobody wants to be anyone’s slave, why don’t they try it, see how it feels? To know u have been robbed of everything connected to ur being? They have “allowed” us to be awakened by ALL the propaganda.  And  even though u KNOW what they have done to u…just SHUT-UP AND OBEY? Who can do that? Bring ur ass (sorry MT) down here on our level what would u do?

U would share as much info to save whatever from whomever to the best of ur ability. ALL WANT TO SURVIVE, and labeling ppl, as this or that is even more INSANE. Let us do what we want to u, is that it? Well can I do what I want to do to u? Can I rob u of ur LUXURIES? CONTROL UR BEING? Can I put u away in a PADDED ROOM WHERE U CAN DO NO MORE HARM? No, I don’t have that right over ur being and neither do u over mine. According this teacher I ran across, teaching how we were “over taken” and all by consent, especially through voters registration. I say taken over, because what else is it? It walks like a duck , quack like a duck it is a freakin duck. When you take something away, can’t be taken or remove something that can’t be removed, take over and do sh-t ur way what is it? Your not suppose to do nothing.

No, Stand by and watch them work, to hurt ALL? I received a video, title What ur Government will do to U, then the video was removed. Let me say this, according to a gentleman I ran across researching. And he was enlightening everyone on how, the Constitution was gone after 1871? TELL ME SOMETHING???? How does a NON-NEGOTIABLE item, NO WAY TO MOVE IT, RENT IT, SELL IT, DESTROY IT, ALTER IT, REMOVE IT, CHEW IT.  OR U WERE LIABLE FOR TREASON? This is what I am seeing through what he said, so how did they lawfully do this, and avoid treason? And then humans so trusting, ppl ignored the fact.   Whatever they did or tried to do or schemed, manipulated, removed, hid, ect…, never the less  according to the original Constitution, it is STILL there. And I don’t care who don’t recognize it, IT’S THERE 13th original Amendment and all.And who says it ani’t all that? It’s a safety net, for tyranny, I know that much.

Same with  right to be, I am not going to say “right”, but the “right to be”… to be u with no limitations on who u can be, what u can be, what u can contribute to humanity to make it more fruitful, and beautiful. ur gift from God. the right to just be…that’s what God gave us not rights. Also I am not a PERSON in any manner, that is a fictitious entity and so it could not relate to me,  even under the so called 14th Amendment. I denounce any PERSON connection to my straw-man or me, even though we are truly separate.

Getting back to the “takeover” I call it that because according to the teacher and the way he explained it.that’s just what it was. And did any of the root  of America disappear? No, it’s still there, And as far as I know a contract that is without presentation of the facts, how can it be valid? Just because ppl write a bunch of words, meaning totally something else, another language.And you have no clue about what you’re entering into, how can it be valid? It can’t., one or the other fraudulent, or legit? Fraudulent will NEVER BE LEGIT, and a contract can be denied on refusal with dishonor.And Obama is legit to be President of said corporation, so stop birther’s. OK so he can be president of Target, but what about government? Which one is it? Can’t be both? How LEGIT, IS ANY OF THIS? I don’t know not judging it just out of it, on my right from God TO JUST BE….

And I publicly refuse with dishonor. any contract with no consent of mine, in the first place, with said corporation, called United States Do I have to contract with Wal-Mart? NO! I will disconnect myself of all connections to the alleged corporations. I am about, love and peace and well this corporation is clearly not, and clearly not in the best interest of my being. Suppressing it, and stealing from it, and stay the hell out of my trust, I am writing this so I am here, not a decedent infant and you know who I am. With all your against all laws unlawful invasion of privacy, all in the name of safety? Well I don’t want your safety, it ain’t safe enough. It is done,

Since you claim I am in contract with you on an all knowing contract with my wet ink? Show it to me if not, debt not owed. I am not your slave, nor debtor, I do not wish to contract with you and or become your debtor, when I am my beneficiary, now you have my contract,. I am a human being alive or I couldn’t write this right? Yes, so I claim all to my right to be from God, NOT man., Public Notice,: I hereby withdraw all knowingly, unknowingly terminate ALL contracts you have regarding me or my straw man, or connected to  my living being hindering my right to be,,,are hereby null and void, I don’t care how far they go back and whom they go back too, I DIDN’T SIGN THEM., OR CONSENT TO THEM.

Without any admission of any liability, whatsoever and with the right to be… from God’s Law all rights  reserved.

To trick you and make-believe you  are  my government, and your a money-making corporation, making money off us and throwing  crumbs, from our own trusts, and you go through hell for that. I am not a registered , did not vote for any corporate board members or CEO’s the lot of the bunch. even if I did I withdraw, always use 9998 attached to zip code, ect…

According to the teacher, if we receive “goodies” we really have consented, when? I want to know one thing if they robbed us as said? Then they are in essence, allowance  out our own value? So? Since when if somebody robs you,  then u apply for your own money through work or other. But because they stole it and u had to go to them to get some, they can have a legit, fraudulent contract that u never even seen, with u? Contracting with u without anything in it for U? R U Crazy? All the other corporations get paid for their services, why not my alleged corporation? With all the trickery that I have researched, and it’s a lot and according to many.

So  that leads me to, any consent I have given knowingly, unknowingly, led into, born into, misled into, kidnapped into, ect…I hereby withdraw. I have not consented, or gone against the Constitution and registered with you. And if by deception, manipulation, deceit, wittingly, knowingly, the fact that my living being has the right to be,, and had the right to know and choose if I wanted to contract with you or not.

All CONTRACTS NULL AND VOID. I DO NOT WISH TO  CONTRACT WITH A CORPORATION. I am in contract with God and can’t break it.This contract, I know is legit, and enter into it fully with God and only God.  with my consent, the right to BE contract. And stop thinking you own everything, just because you stole everything. And also how does your adobe flash player stop working? NSA, they been NSA, invading privacy in the name of good ole safety. Is MONSANTO SAFE? And got the nerve to give the head POISONER  the Nobel Peace Prize? Hell no,  (sorry MT) I DO NOT CONTRACT PERIOD.

I do not wish to be robbed of my trust as though I’m descendent infant. To be brought back and forth to life each time I’m robbed, SAY I’M LYIN? I am a human being and not that corporate fiction with my so-called name attached to it, it is not my responsibility, nor me.  I am not in any way under any fraudulent contract with this alleged corporation and do not and will not contract with them. and  all consent WITHDRAW.n, my parents weren’t registered either. and this covers all my flesh and blood.

And for the video, this is not my government, this is not the Republic of, the Republic of Constitution, there are of everything,  Republic of government and a corporation called United States. And two Constitutions, the corporate Constitution does not apply to me I do not consent to contract. I am not denouncing my loving Republic government, but the corporation mimicking my government that was according to them. OK if that is the case only two left and that is God’s Law and their CORPORATE LAW, sorry I chose his,  because he gave me the right to choose. And I do not wish to contract. until they prove otherwise  Public Notice, June 22, 2013

My given name to me,  by me, who I am