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VIDEO A Call To Arms! A Cry For Help! Most Damaging WIKILEAKS! PASS THIS ON!!!!

Reclaim Our Republic

Like a rotten boil, the festering of all the dishonesty and shenanigans of Hillary, Bill, Barack & Co. seems to be coming to a head

A Call To Arms! A Cry For Help! PASS THIS ON!!!!

Oct 20, 2016 by By Dave Merrick

It’s only seconds away from election day. I have during the past months written well researched articles that should send any sincere voter running away from Hillary like a scalded cat. But this is not an issues-based election, in that the people who pose the greatest threat to the survival of free America are not thinkers. They comprise the same mindless crowd that came out of the woodwork and gave Obama his second term – again, entirely because he is black. The thought is not originally mine – but I will surely borrow it because it is now a tragic part of American history: “What a shame…

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