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What?s the deal with Cholesterol? Good, bad, both, myth? Perhaps it is a myth, something that?s been made into a problem so pharmaceutical companies can keep raking in the cash? Statins alone generate billions of dollars a year. The important point to take note of is the fact that Statins, drugs designed to lower ones cholesterol, are one of the biggest drugs prescribed to patients, and one of the biggest earners for pharmaceutical companies, which is concerning.

Why is it concerning? Because over the years, it?s become more and more difficult for people to trust pharmaceutical companies for several different reasons. Whether it?s about studies that continue to expose the harmful effects of various drugs,  or the chief editors of Major Medical journals like Dr. Richard Horton  (editor in chief of the Lancet )?blowing the whistle,? so to speak, there is large . (1)(2

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