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Chilling Testimony From A Cancer Cell Specialist Makes One Thing Utterly Obvious About Our Food

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Photo credit: Pesticide Action Network

There?s no doubt about it: The world?s demand for organically grown produce is growing rapidly, so much so that dozens of countries around the world have already banned the chemicals that are so commonly sprayed on conventionally grown food. If you?re someone who believes organic farming is unsustainable, ask yourself, how are so many countries (like Russia, Switzerland, or Bulgaria, to name a few) able to feed their citizens this way?  If so many countries can successfully grow organics, what?s the real reason that countries like the United States continue to spray billions of pounds of chemicals on our food every single year? Is it really just to ward off pests?

Every person on the planet can feed themselves with just 100 square feet of well managed land. In 2008, the UN Conference of Trade and development supported organics, saying that organic agriculture can be more conducive…

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