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Egypt Slams Obama: Don’t Tell Us Not To Kill Our Own People When Your Own Cops Do It

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A nation known for brutality against civilians has just slammed the United States for hypocrisy following two police fatal shootings last week in Minnesota and Louisiana — as Egyptian lawmakers phrased it, the U.S. has an alleged respect for human rights.”

As Margaret Azer, deputy chairman of the country’s parliamentary human rights committee, denounced the killings, saying, according toForeign Policy, the U.S. “was caught red-handed violating human rights and crushing the peaceful protests of black Americans in the city of Dallas and other U.S. cities.”

Azer also stated the deaths of civilians at the hands of police “expose the bloody face of the United States and its politicized use of the issue of human rights to extort other nations.”

Egypt earned a reputation for human rights abuse after protests erupted over the ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. A brutal crackdown…

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