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8-Year-Old Boy Talks About The Pineal Gland & TV Brainwash. There’s Hope For The Future!

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Call them indigo, old souls or whatever you like; these children are popping up all over the world with wisdom that outshines some of the greatest philosophers. They are born with a natural compassion and understanding of life?s greater purpose, and seem to remain immune to the social conditioning of school and TV.

8-year-old motivational speaker King Nahh is one of them, and he just might renew your hope for the future (in case you lost it). In this video, he teaches the interviewer about the pineal gland (third eye) and how mainstream entertainment can shut it off. He expresses his utter incomprehension about that fact that war even exists, and shares how violent video games desensitizes us to the horrors of killing.

When asked to share a message with the world, he basically encourages us all to stop watching dumb stuff all day and to go out, be with the people you…

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