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Global Currency Reset & RV News:


Global Currency Reset & RV News:

Canadian RV Exchange 1- 800 numbers will be posted here:

USA RV Exchange 1-800 numbers will be posted here:

Europe RV Exchange 1-800 numbers will be posted here:

Currently GCR RV reset information can be found at  after the reset goes public there will be project seminars for new technologies and humanitarian projects check our seminars link!

Also check:    Keep checking knew updates below!

Global Currency Reset Video facts about legality of system as well:

Deep Source (RV/GCR): “Directly from the Pentagon from General Xxxxxxx’s right hand man to the representative of the New Republic. The Iraqi Dinar has officially revalued at $3.91.Deep Source (Resistance)“Mass arrests are underway, The Admiral has been arrested along with several other individuals in Reno. Announcements on TV will begin for a duration of 3 days.”

Note from Deep Source(s): “Please note: Intel that…

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