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This Plant Kills Cancer, Stops Diabetes and Boosts Immune System (Video)


(N.Morgan) The amazing health benefits of bitter melon or karela have been common knowledge and utilized by some indigenous populations for many years. This medicinal plant has been used to fight diabetes as well as malignant diseases, such as cancer.

Numerous studies have found that bitter melon is extremely beneficial for the treatment of certain types of cancers due to its active ingredients, which inhibit the glucose metabolism in malignant cells thus reducing their carbohydrate supply and starving them to death.

As reported by scientists from Saint Louis University Cancer Center, bitter melon not only destroys cancer cells with its strong anticancer properties, but it also prevents cancer cells from spreading or reforming. A separate team of experts from the University of Colorado Cancer Center found that bitter melon juice can eliminate the side effects experienced during chemotherapy, and can slow down pancreatic tumor growth.

What makes bitter melon…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tonight…you are always a blessing with what you share! God bless you my sister!

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