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Spring Liver Cleanse With Borscht Soup

Greater Well Be1ng

Rich Blood

As soon as temperatures start to rise in early February, the body begins to metabolize some of the winter fats. The blood becomes rich and congested with these fats. It becomes thick and hard to circulate. Fatty blood makes February heart attack month. The fatty blood congests the liver as well.

Liver Cleansing in the Spring

This recipe pairs winter root vegetables like potatoes and beets with the cleansing spring flavors of dill and vinegar, helping your body transition into spring. Beets and vinegar are a perfect addition to an early spring diet. They offer a healthy remedy to a congested spring blood and liver. As they stimulate the gall bladder to release bile, they flush out burdensome fats and toxins leftover from holiday celebrations, reducing triglyceride levels. Bile is also a major pathway of cholesterol metabolism. The mild laxative qualities of beets and vinegar help flush the…

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