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Even “sweet” companies are abandoning GMO (sugar, that is)… 5-12-16… “As Big Candy Ditches GMOs, Sugar Beet Farmers Hit A Sour Patch”

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Although I consume much less “sweet stuff” than in prior years, when I do, I tend to choose products (like chocolate) that are sweetened with real cane sugar… not the beety variety. Yes, the sugar from each (sucrose) may be chemically identical, but almost guaranteed there are accompanying trace ingredients and/or unforeseen consequences which arise from the GMO-beet variety.

This article also points out (in a sideways kind of way) how the “big companies” think when confronted with the idea that sugar from non-GMO sugar beets is preferred by consumers over GMO sugar beets (which are only sprayed with Roundup), and what they would do:

[Andrew Beyer of American Crystal coop] “He says that planting non-GMO beets would mean going back to what they used to do, spraying their crop every 10 days or so with a “witches brew” of five or six different weedkillers.”

So there’s…

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