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Report: Fracking Has Helped Lower American CO2 Emissions, Media Silent


Corbett Inauguration Fracking opponents protest before the Tom Corbett inauguration to become the 46th governor of Pennsylvania at the state capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Fracking has increasingly been targeted by this administration as something that is hurting the planet and needs to be stopped immediately to prevent poisoning drinking water and causing earthquakes.

Never mind the fact that both of those fears have been completely debunked and the EPA has even admitted that fracking doesn’t poison drinking water.  However, the agency has done nothing to stop liberal outlets from spreading this misinformation.

Also, since when are we supposed to trust the Obama administration on drinking water after the Flint fiasco they hid from the public for almost a year?

According to a recent EIA report, fracking played a direct an important role in lowering CO2 levels in the atmosphere thanks to the decrease in coal dependence…

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