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Natural News 4-25-16… “The great cholesterol con finally unravels: Researchers find lowering cholesterol has NO EFFECT on risk of heart disease or death”

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natural_news_logo_17This is something that I noted a few days ago, and it seems similar to the periods of “corporate food industry ‘wisdom'” view that “butter is bad” and “polyunsaturateds are good”… which was possibly an industry attempt to push people into eating more corn and soybean oil derived products.

Sorry food industry… I only use organic butter from organic cows for my things.

“The most recent study was conducted by researchers from the universities of North Carolina and Illinois, in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health, and published in the British Medical Journal. It found that while a diet that replaced saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat did cause blood cholesterol to drop, this led to no change in the risk of heart disease or death.

“There was no connection at all between polyunsaturated fat consumption and heart disease risk… The researchers concluded that there has been an “overestimation of…

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