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Is Your Own Doctor Killing YOU?

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Is Your Own Doctor Killing YOU?

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Published on May 8, 2016

For those who wish to print out or read the article. I have included it for your convenience.

Is Your Own Doctor Killing YOU?

By The Conspiracy Zone

Let’s look at this whole thing logically. The only reason most Doctors are rich and can drive around in their Mercedes, is because lots and lots of people are sick. I haven’t seen a doctor in 25 years. If everyone was like that, Doctors would be on food stamps. Doctors can’t possibly want people who are not sick to exist! Just the fact doctors exist, is an inherent conflict of interest. The more sick people there are, the more money for the doctors. That means ultimately, Your physician doesn’t want you healed — they don’t want you dead either because then they can’t make…

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