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PREPLANNED TSUNAMI Will Hit NYC! Obama/Queen Elizabeth II Joke About Nuking the United States! – YouTube


C. Ervana

Please WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO because I address several points in it, ending with a clip of Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Harry joking about dropping a Nuclear Bomb on the United States. I don’t offer a commentary about this, but there are several clues contained in the commercial: they are referring to a nuclear warhead dropped on the U.S. Could this also accompany the tsunami that was alluded to back in the fall of 2015 by Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Russia?

Part of this video covers a previous video I did last fall about Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s comment about nuking Istanbul Turkey and causing a tsunami to hit the city. In this video I speculated that he was making a veiled threat to New York City as a part of predictive programming. Is a nuclear bomb and tsunami planned for New York City?

On April 24, a buoy went…

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