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Ancient Giants & Nephilim COVER-UP: Shocking Proof They Really Existed in NEVADA

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Shocking proof of Ancient Giants and nephilim existing in history. Evidence of Rephaim Anakim Annunaki and giant human skulls found.

Top 4 reasons why giants lived among us in ancient history.

# 1- Evidence of Giants found, and the mystery of giant human skulls.They are present in nearly every culture worldwide. From Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa to the United States.

Not only mentioned in many religious texts, such as the Bible and the Torah, for example King Og, written about in Deuteronomy, who was said to have been at least 12 feet tall.

Many ancient historians, such as Herodotus and Pliny the elder, also described them in great detail in their works as well.

They were written about in the legends of people worldwide. From the evidence of Goliath to he Paiute Indians, for example, of Nevada spoke of a race of red-haired giants, called the si-te-cah, that were…

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