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Satan and Lucifer were Draco Reptilians from Alpha Draconis. they were part of a group of 1738 Dracos and they all have been arrested and removed from this reality. let’s look at the DNA of both.

SATAN 156 Strands Activated 0% Sacred Light
100% Alpha Draconis Reptilian
DNA aged 46.1 million years old. Star lines- Alpha Draconis, Bellatrix, Earth Individually murdered 35,017,599 people.

LUCIFER 156 Strands Activated 0% Sacred Light DNA aged 46.025 million years old. 100% Alpha Draconis Reptilian
star lines- Alpha Draconis, Eta Draconis, Beta Draconis, Gamma Draconis, Bellatrix, Alnitak, Alnilam, then to Earth. He murdered 42,118,005 people individually or in small groups.

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