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A Group of Seattle Doctors is now pushing for Vaccine Opt-Outs – Truth Kings


From Truth Kings

A group of Seattle Doctors is going against the trend of our nation, which in recent years has shown a rise in legislation to limit or eliminate vaccine opt-outs. The caveat? They want opt-outs available for all but the measles vaccine. These Doctors want to allow personal and religious opt-outs for all other vaccines. It is being called Childhood Vaccine Exemption Policy: The Case for a Less Restrictive Alternative. Yesterday, it was published in the journal Pediatrics (source). Seattle sits just north of one of the most restrictive states in the country when it comes to vaccine legislation in California. This new approach runs extremely counter to Seattle’s southern neighbors.

Seattle Children’s expert Dr. Douglas Opel and his colleagues who are responsible for the proposal claim the current status quo for legislation infringes on personal liberty and most of all, just doesn’t work. According to the

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