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Operation Disclosure 3-9-16… “Breaking News Alert – New Republic – RV Intel – 3.9.16” (and a caveat!!)

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paul_ryan_1 Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

operation_disclosure_header_1First of all, this is connected to the next post.

Now, I have seen this posted here and there and seemingly (currently) everywhere. I sent it off to a few and, although it does “sense” right-on to me, one person pointed out that the first words are “Senator Paul Ryan”. One would figure that if this news were so important, that they would at least write Mr. Ryan’s title correctly. Paul Ryan is a US Congressional Representative, not a Senator (so that’s the caveat).

It may be that the person who wrote this meant to write “Speaker” instead of “Senator”. When I mentioned this to someone else, earlier in the day, they told me that. if indeed Obama and Biden have stepped down, the proper, by the constitution presidential succession would go to the Speaker of House, which is Paul Ryan…

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