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Forgive and let God live…

Many are involved in this corruption and haven’t a clue…because of circumstances…then there are the one’s that have an agenda planned regarding the agenda they think is planned. Our military… my heart goes out to the most, men and women giving themselves… they think… for their country. Regardless they are doing it for good reasons. People really need to be educated…and then decide… all I know is I luv the People of this beautiful world that was given to us all, America and my race the human race and everyone that wants to be forgiven…should be. Even Jesus said…”Forgive them father for they know not what they do” God bless us all and open hearts of understanding. The ones that are purposely, knowingly aiding…forgive them too…for again they truly do not know what they do…to themselves and the human race…’beings”.

God bless all involved the world…

About Sherayx

Hi, I am a humanitarian...I love this planet, my home, your home, our home...I have been a blogger on WP for some years and downs but still think it;s one of the best. . I want to bring love and light... We have to look out for each other...we are all we have...

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