Forgive and let God live…

Many are involved in this corruption and haven’t a clue…because of circumstances…then there are the one’s that have an agenda planned regarding the agenda they think is planned. Our military… my heart goes out to the most, men and women giving themselves… they think… for their country. Regardless they are doing it for good reasons. People really need to be educated…and then decide… all I know is I luv the People of this beautiful world that was given to us all, America and my race the human race and everyone that wants to be forgiven…should be. Even Jesus said…”Forgive them father for they know not what they do” God bless us all and open hearts of understanding. The ones that are purposely, knowingly aiding…forgive them too…for again they truly do not know what they do…to themselves and the human race…’beings”.

God bless all involved the world…

Stewart Field Airport Base

Airplanes (military) are constantly flying over the towns and city. Sometimes flying low over residential homes. Some time ago I was  sent a 911 video researching that tragic day. And named Stewart Field as playing a role in the events and planned tragedy. I say it again this is America there are laws against this activity on American soil. No propaganda or lies can challenge that lawfully under the original law of this land . Which goes beyond Common law..Natural law.

This airport is definitely obliging the enemy of America. They are trying to get residents used to the roar and constant helicopter sounds. Who would believe other Americans would totally comply with their own destruction? The “people” in charge of that facility should be looked into…you can not tell anyone you do not know you are aiding in the destruction of man and humanity? We know following orders…use common sense as well… Is valueless paper the motive? Since the enemy has cornered us into having to have it to get the  necessities you and your family need to survive…what an ingenious scheme..

Only given to the ones who assist in their own destruction…When in reality it’s yours all the while…criminals living the way you are in reality… suppose to live? White, Black, Yellow Green or “Purple” are getting “did.” Why receive crumbs and demands, control, anxiety that often come with it…and have more with the carefree life that you were intended to have? Who doesn’t want that?  It’s amazing……focus needs to come to those aiding in this mass criminal take over…not benefiting anyone but the head few who concocted this big deception to all involved …the world.