You would hate to believe a prominent celebrity would be a part of this lock out of People’s funds. I witnessed many hard working recipients of the Rushcard going through this UNBELIEVEABLE theft. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck…it’s a duck! I witnessed a Rush Card customer wait on hold to get to a HIGHER office FOUR HOURS AND 19 MINUTES before finally hanging up. Then the previous day, they were simply hanging up after ringing twice. This is outrageous and the strange fact is they ask that you prove your American citizen through ID requirement to open account but you speak to nothing but Chinese according to another recipient,. This is being led to believe it’s a “POOR” thing, a BLACK thing, all the People of all races are poor now not just Black’s.

And Simmons lured in many of all races just because he is a well known celebrity not because the People don’t have access to “banks”. Metabank IS A BANK. People do not want to deal with banks period because this is known to happen.  I know of a customer that has been locked out from his paycheck since October 20th and the card has been DEACTIVATED so that he can not get to his money!! They say due to an update…not…it does not take an update this damn long! And if you Google Rushcard reviews you will see this has been going on for weeks. Shutting People out of their accounts then looting them. Also saying the card was swiped at various locations…WHEN THE CUSTOMER CAN NOT USE THE CARD!!! So you know it’s inside….

With all the BILLIONS Mr. Simmons has he need to REPLACE all of these clients their money, SHUT DOWN, and work on his system or just stick with Baby Phat! These People have bills to pay…the only reason he is a billionaire is because he is one of them. I DON’T CARE WHAT HE IS OR WHAT HE HAS…GIVE THESE PEOPLE THEIR MONEY!!!!

Many blessings to all involved… the world…

To become a part of the Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit against Mr. Simmons and RushCard….please send email to and it will be forwarded to the right People.. The number to this scam card… 1-866-232-6778 They figure they wear everyone down being placed on hold for hours…that’s why People needed help they work…let alone you have taken People’s hard earned cash. But expect them to stay with the phone up their rear for hours just trying to get through then given the run around or simply be hung up on.

It’s bad enough Americans are locked out of their trust, then they loot the crumbs… they are given from it…and you have People running around upholding this? Hurting themselves… for “people”? Who don’t give a damn about none of you…OK… doo-doo-do-do….doo do do doo…twilight zone.

This is testing the water…


Also the Green Dot card is a “parent” of the Rush Card and Walmart. Card

Only PO boxes are listed no home address,  post office boxes placed in several cities in regards to the Rushcard and has this same number above listed for Baby Phat….

Wake up…

Much luv


First of all this is not a Black thing…People of all colors are “poor” now-a-days and I’m sure it’s just not Blacks who are being affected by this theft. They are referring to weeks ago and a “handful” of People? Liars, an associate just had his paycheck stolen on October 20th through a direct deposit from his employment. This is an attempt to displace Americans starting with Met Bank to be continued…They want this to look like a Black thing, a poor thing, all prepaid cards must be for the poor then. People DON’T want to deal with banks because Americans mostly know of the criminality to come. This is why it was made mandatory to use electronic services so they can steal whenever they feel like it and put Americans in danger of eviction, bill payments ect…

I personally listened to phone conversation from 5 different reps from the bank. All giving the run around. There is no such system that updates this long and then when finally up 300.00 is gone. Even though the owner was blocked from using card. They showed the card being swiped 14 times…but owner had no access because the system was DOWN due to so called UPDATE! So someone within the bank went in and acted as though they had possession and stole the money to be told he would have to dispute it and that takes 90 days!!. Then the next day showing card not ACTIVATED and stole the balance. This is his hard earned money of total 800.00 only thing the card is used for. He is NOT a poor Black but a employee of the state for 30 yrs and security!.They have agents who lie… give the run around. Leave People calling in on hold for hours hoping to wear them down that’s why he asked for my help to witness this madness!. I spoke with Juna, Tricia, Casder,

Mary a supervisor who was returning the money and re-activating the card by October 27th by midnight did not happen. Called back to speak with her as to why? To encounter “Paul” a manager at first asked to speak to his supervisor which he turned into that as well. Stating no one above him can be spoken too…after going back and forth saying “Mary” was not there…not checking her notes nothing. He was informed by my associate he would be starting a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Mr. Russell Simmons and Rushcard individual agents aiding and abetting this theft. And so it shall be done…they do this with the intent nothing can be done…it can lawfully…

All that have had money stolen through this bank please contact will be past on to People in charge and affected by this CRIMINAL THEFT RING INCLUDING SO FAR MR. SIMMONS and all the agents involved.
Need an Affidavit of Truth to be notarized, further details after contact. is made. It’s rumoured Russell Simmons was a party to the Million Man March and his corporation is under attack. May well be but this article is not truthful and he is a billionaire so GIVE PEOPLE their damn money! This man is elderly and can not wait on the phone for hours working two jobs still to survive getting ready to retire and this will not be tolerated! SUE THE HELL OUT OF THIS RIP OFF INSTITUTION! RUSSELL SIMMONS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF allowing this to look like a ‘BLACK” thing…and using him to steal Americans money!
Tell the the truth if you’re going to give an update and if you dont know it now you do.
Many blessings to all involved the world…
See Cindy Kay Courier YT also…

I would also like to add all the agents I spoke with were “Chinese” the only American was “Tricia”.

What’s up with every time you have a problem it’s Chinese you have to deal with? This seems to be a dummy corp under the guise of Russell Simmons…if it’s a Black thing why don’t Black People answer or American? It’s not a race thing at all…It’s a destroy human thing.

An advisory through source… TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THESE BANKS NOW…Americans have to stop supporting these CRIMINALS NOW!! This is just a start… testing the waters to see what they can get away with!! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT NOW BURY IT IN THE BACK YARD BUT REMOVE IT FROM THESE BANKS THAT ARE DESTROYING AMERICA FROM WITHIN.