Man attempts to hug wild lion (Video)


info-pictogram1 Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper who’s renowned for being so up close and intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides. It really is amazing how this man has been accepted by these lions. His passion is overwhelming and the obvious comfort he has spending time with them.

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Poetry: Let’s Pretend…


Let's pretend

Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend

That my tears stopped falling

And you would come when I’m calling

So my soul can stop bleeding

Let’s pretend

Just for a moment

That times are still pleasant

And I can feel your embracement

Let’s pretend

That my heart was never fractured

My calls didn’t stay unanswered

And my hope never got shattered

Let’s pretend

You are still with me

Living free and happily

Enjoying life in all its beauty

Let’s pretend

Just for a little while

That I am still able to smile

And fate didn’t beguile

Let’s pretend

We never had to say goodbye

That it was all a nightmare and a lie

Let’s just pretend…


That you did not die

Just Patty

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Elephant at Play


I am such a sucker for elephant videos.  This one is only three minutes and I guarantee a smile! The elephants in India appeared to be well cared for because they were their handlers source of  income. They were bathed daily,well fed, wore elephant jewelry of necklaces and anklets, and their faces were painted.  But they were always chained to keep them from wandering off when not in use for the entertainment of the tourists.  I love that the young elephant in the video is  not chained and is playing freely.

Have you seen an elephant play?  Are you surprised at how like a puppy or little child this gentle giant is as she plays? 

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