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Why don’t we demand the truth.   There are so many unanswered questions.  What difference does it make?  Hillary, it makes a difference to me.

September 11th.   This date to remember 2 events, both violent, both terrorist attacks against the United States.   The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, that rocked our world, at least our nation.  Then Benghazi, on the same date, to embarrass, attack us……what have we learned?  We have learned that our leaders or not capable of leadership, have no integrity, have no strength.

What have we as a people learned.  We’ve learned nothing, we accept whatever happens.  We may bitch about it for a moment, but We the People do noting to change the direction this country is headed.   Was Hillary Clinton right, when she said Americans could not make decisions for our selves.  That government had to make them…

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Hi, I am a humanitarian...I love this planet, my home, your home, our home...I have been a blogger on WP for some years and downs but still think it;s one of the best. . I want to bring love and light... We have to look out for each other...we are all we have...

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