El Amore Que Sone (Open Arms in Spanish) -Mariah Carey’s Version

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This version of Open Arms is rare but it is just so beautiful. Had to share it 🙂

Solo dos cuerpos, jugando a amar
Juntos en la obscuridad
Fuimos queriendo, cada vez mas
Nada podia cambiar
El paso del tiempo, nos quizo alejar
Y nuestro amor pudo mas

Y ahora estoy frente a ti, amandote
Mi corazon, no puede esconder
Que yo sin ti, no se querer
Vuelvo a vivir, a tu lado el amor, que sone

Sola en mi cuarto
Sin tu calor
Fui conociendo el temor
Te quise tanto
Mi alma te di
Hoy que regresas ami
Se llena el vacio
Se apaga el dolor
Hoy tengo tu amor

Y ahora estoy frente a ti, amandote
Mi corazon, no puede esconder
Que yo sin ti, no se querer
Vuelvo a vivir, a tu lado el amor, que sone

MetroLyrics.(2013). El Amore Que Sone. Retrieved from

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OSCE Confirms Obama is a Liar Using Fake NATO Evidence: No Russian Troops, No Tanks, Have Crossed The Russia-Ukraine Border.

Political Vel Craft

Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) “have registered no troops, ammunition or weapons crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border over the past two weeks, the OSCE report said on Wednesday.        September 3, 2014

OSCE – Organization For Security And Co-operation In Europe

The following report is a slap in the face to pResident Obama and his [Rothschild] NATO partners meeting today in Newport Wales.

Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) “have registered no troops, ammunition or weapons crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border over the past two weeks, the OSCE report said on Wednesday.” (Itar-Tass)

“Throughout the week, the Observer Teams noticed a net increase of young people (both men and women) wearing military-style dress crossing the border in both directions but did not observe any weapons among these groups,” the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’s report covering a period from August 20…

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Click to access filed_09-02-14.pdf

Sharing the link above to show we are not any of those labels placed on Americans.

Through manipulation and lies, you are not crazy, or insane, or a terrorist…

People simply want to be left alone by this criminal entity, that labels the American people criminals.

Please support NLA http://www.nationallibertyalliance.or click news to see all the lawful documents filed and/or trying to file, making awareness an option, now they know the people know.

Also click INDIEGOGO, everyday, (you will see it in the news tab)  click on it for hits and support with your donation anything would be most appreciated, this is for America.

Only the people can save America.

God bless all involved, the world.

If you are have trouble with this link: go to the website to see all documents in it’s entirety. I just was saying how they do block.

Thanks again, you will NOT want to miss what those documents are stating, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..




The mainstream media needs to be held responsible, for many issues pertaining to the welfare of humanity.

ALL the ones responsible for helping to keep humanity in the darkness, including but not limited to social media.

While a certain “few” take over the world and kill and enslave every living thing.

Except  their happy families and relatives, and their “red-head” slaves, to care for, mate with and pamper their every whim.

Yes, this is what your helping to accomplish for beings that give a shit less about you.

The only thing I give them credit for? That they have created the biggest ponzi scheme ever.

Compared to what they did, Bernie looks like Jesus.

One thing, I can’t get over is how your intelligence is so belittled everyday?

That’s one thing  I think they luv, is to frustrate the hell out of you, and if they can’t get to your weakness they “control” the weak minded people around you.


There are so many videos, documented irrefutable evidence of so much corruption.Almost on Gods level, (so so so so so so so so) much, it’s not even on the map. Let alone the country. man, playing God to the utmost.

When I first came to WordPress, it had not been infiltrated. And if they “always” were “owned” at that time it was not shown.

And how do I know this? Look at the blogs?

Even on AOL, their  propaganda news machine on the front page, and all of “certain, “alternative” media, pumps out the same exact stories over and over.

You see or barely here nothing else. And when someone manages to share positive information regarding humanity. It is then over crowded and over powered by ISIS, BE-HEADING, JOURNALIST, EBOLA, A BLACK MAN HAS BEEN SHOT BY POLICE, POLICE STATE, RACIAL ISSUES ALL BELITTLING THE EQUAL RIGHTS OF ANOTHER GROUP OF COLOR, RELIGION, OR SEX?

Were the heck are the stories regarding the facts, as to where all this madness is coming from?????????????

And the insulting part?

We know each and every one of them.

They even make video’s, writing books, making speeches? Really? in front of AMERICANS? And I don’t mean a stage, a podium and a few shadows in the audience, or paid actors. I mean real Americans, (don’t think so). And from the tyranny they have  committed, they should be QUARANTINED!!!

We all know there is a take over,,, positions, offices, titles,,, you name it, they are sitting there. Not  occupying, (sitting there) Ready and willing to defend their “paycheck” of “paper” also infiltrated by many others. Condoling, supporting, believing, brainwashed, programming, “I’m better”, arrogant, egotistical, authoritarians, pilled out, dumb down, which way did he go… who am I? Where am I, duh? To the fact…that these beings again, do NOT give a flying crap about you?

This is where the intelligence part separate us from the weak minded… (since everything is separated anyway and labeled, and packaged really nice and tidy).

I swear it’s like most are being morphed and cloned into what there image requires, NOT GOD’S.

You watch the infomercials?

The Blacks are more White than White? “Yaw, you reeAlly can’t get a closer shA Ave, it’s virtually paainlessss.. wtf)reak??

Turn your head from the TV and listen? Lol!

It’s ok, to let someone know you have a unlimited vocabulary, but still you can keep your identity.

That’s what culture is about, being different, which in turn makes up a glorious world.

Speaking of “identity” as I was waiting on hold, on the phone.

“Propaganda” comes up about protecting your identity, and I just started cracking up, laughing, and laughing and laughing, until I was crying. The person came on, the line and I had to just hang up. Because I couldn’t stop laughing, hahahaha!

We have a President…hahahahaha! Sorry I can’t type it, hahahaha!

You see? What I mean about insulting your intelligence, they really think we are “sheeple”? Well, I agree with them, there are some of us are, that are, no doubt…

But I am sure there are others, who can’t laugh and really want to go through the phone and tear the recording to pieces. But I guess that”s how I deal with it sometimes, very rare, because it is no laughing matter.

Even when blogging, if I feel a post is on the negative side of humanity And they post a pertain ant article, I re-blog it or like it.

I don’t care,  what you did in the past I am not God, it is my duty to forgive and let’s roll on in efforts to save America and the planet for the children of America and the children of the world.  it is not a PERSONAL thing,  it’s a humanity thing, at least for me.

People have been so seriously brainwashed by one,  “popularity”, they believe it’s about that, popularity…

If a blog post a  beneficial, article,   I don’t care if nobody is there but me, I will like it or re-blog it,  I’m not going to wait for 10 likes, to be present before I add mine.

But with them they block and hide so much when you are sharing for the real benefit of humanity, and not the fake. Pumping, glorifying and acknowledging this madness, trying desperately to give it life, so the enslavement agenda can continue….

Who was the most “popular” boy or girl, and who ever it was. Most just flocked around because everybody else does. Even though you can not stand the person.

I don’t give a damn about personal crap, right now, we need help, we need to help each other.

In sharing,  period (whatever you can spare) what ever form or fashion you are able to choose.

NO MATTER WHAT YOU POST helping humanity… they will not allow you over three likes “showing”, mostly the one like  pops up 2 seconds after you post it. When clearly it hasn’t been time enough to read, even though it shows more “likes” in the archives. Even though you have MANY in your community?

What?  The more “likes” the more valuable to humanity, not. especially. and frankly my darlin, I don’t give a damn, all I see is the children of the world, American, humanity and the planet and all of it’s inhabitants, nothing else matters right now.

Because whatever else matters to you? If this is not stopped, what you matter about? Won’t matter for long.

Again, insulting, your intelligence, like I said, people are sadly LED, by what the majority is doing, and at this time and what is happening? Not a good call, do what is right for the earth, the children, humanity, not me…or anyone for that matter.

They have robbed us of our wealth, and at this point who cares about that, most just want to survive and be able to make their families happy, not even themselves.

That’s what many do every day try and do all they can for them, and it’s so amazing how what they are do to help make them happy, they are simultaneously helping and aiding in their destruction.

So do it for them, unlearn, and deprogram yourself for them, not me or anyone or anything else.

The families with young babies, who are being systematically eliminated before they have even begun to live,  (all)  not just people of color, as they want you to believe.

As National Liberty Alliance motto states, “Only the people can save America” and the future for all of humanity.

You have so many working against humanity it’s simply pathetic, it’s no amount of “money” even though you already have value, the banks won’t convert, just a service for the criminals.

The “prissy” people in the courts, or behind the desk, assisting in criminalizing Americans, when in actual fact, they are the criminals assisting in the destruction of not only America, but the world and  of all innocent children.

Yes all of you have their blood on your hands, no matter what part you play.

You watch the children get on those “yellow” concentration buses, and when you have awaken, you see the “indigenous” (another label) children mounting those buses. Same difference, except they were forced to send them also, but off to their death or jail.  Imagine that? But how they are militarizing, American children, teaching them absolutely nothing but obedience, control, preparing them to be enslaved, “programmed” to help do their bidding  for the criminal system.

It’s sad, to see when you know the truth, imagine being a child, depending on grown ups to care for you and look out for your best interest.


You have grown ups, getting paid bonuses and given titles to separate you from the people who blood you carry, and loves you with all their heart and soul. To be snatched and kidnapped, but these so called grown “professional” people.  Or being hurt so terribly bad, by grown ups sending bombs and  not caring where they land. And your just walking to school?????

Call me what you want, but call me caring for those children.

The children hungry with crack parents, because they created it to destroy good humans All the lives been hurried away behind “medical” and “pharmaceutical”, the spraying, the food and water. and tons of other depopulating attributes.


Instead of the “propaganda” being not an empowerment, but it should be quite the contrary, a take down.

And it’s clearly ” OH MY…THEY ARE DOING THIS AND THAT!!! LOOK IT, LOOK IT, WE WANT YOU TO GET USED TO THIS, BECAUSE THIS IS HOW THEY WANT IT AND ALL THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO GET IT!!! LOOK IT LOOK IT!!! Some of it shouldn’t be thought of let alone heard, written or even spoken especially in the protected by the Constitution of and in, The United States  of America. (not “for”)and continually empowered by daily bragging, brainwashing and programming tactics.

But we don’t have real  Americans, or humans at the core of this pumping of “propaganda” do we?

It’s just impossible, to assume anything else, none of it makes sense. What also doesn’t make sense is all the people working and assisting at the lower levels, in their own demise. Stop putting yourself in jeopardy for “people” who don’t care about you or they would also give you some of their stolen gold instead of  their paper “money” and steal your true value everyday.

This is the intelligence I am talking about, pure common sense as in Common Law.

The official law of the United States of America, any and all treasonous entities are null and void.

I didn’t write it,  the fore fathers did, but the main father who wrote it and gave it us originally,  is God.

And again using my God given-intelligence, I had nothing to do with that,  just happy it was done,

for what ever it is worth to anyone, At least we know now,  what was put into place, to protect us from this,, and I truly appreciate them all.  I am sure they knew…but did not know non- humans and humans would be also assisting in the destruction of all of humanity., let  alone America. Hiding the work and laws they created, or not acknowledging it. So very treasonous,  I also don’t give a damn if you don’t, it makes you feel better knowing it’s really there.

But it was a few steps, that allowed it as well, creating and distributing “paper” value, while stealing human value, the real value. Controlling who gets what and when, as oppose to everyone having their own value and not “needing” to do anyone’s bidding to survive.

And then controlling all what people see and hear, by repetition and programming  motions, over and over again.

No one’s saying the latest rave was not real, the point is we know where it is all being created from and who.


And the people who are ORCHESTRATING IT ALL, are not mentioned anywhere?

You can’t stop anything they have created, because your chasing a ghost, how can you stop it? When you are chasing the created, and not the creator. The only way to stop the created is to stop the creator.

Isn’t that what they call themselves?

And this is insulting to your intelligence to chase it, aww it, or empower it.

When you can’t control it, catch it, or change it, and it’s not even for your own good, none of it.

It’s just the whole picture is so hypocritical, on the manipulation level, where the people talking about, the tragedy and what they will do to help it,  are creating it for this sick number game agenda.

And I know I speak for many, but why can’t they speak for themselves, it’s all about them, us we together, and that can be accomplished in many ways, showing support.

If people get out of the routine and use their common sense, “intelligence” and not their “greed”

Common sense and intelligence is God-given, not taught, stop insulting people and use yours.

Much luv and peace to all involved the world.




















Benjamin Fulford’s WeeklyReport September 1, 2014 – Comments by David Wilcock

The Way of Love Blog

NOTE BY NANCY: I share Fulford’s report & Wilcock’s comments to allow you to see that an INVISIBLE WAR is waging on our planet between the New World Order folks and those working for the Light in an effort to end the enslaving control of the NWO dark cabal on Earth.

It is important to know about this war; otherwise, we end up fighting against the very people who are working for humanity’s freedom and supporting the very people who want to enslave us to an even greater degree than we presently are.

We cannot listen to the Evening News and think we are hearing truth … we are not! What goes by the name of “news” is actually NWO propaganda to generate fear. Do not respond with fear … instead, enfold our planet with Light!

What does humanity have to look forward to: NESARA and GESARA (Global)!



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