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Today, on this first day of the ninth month, would you join Anne Graham Lotz and me and Christians all over the world to pray for at least one full hour for the peace of Jerusalem?

The citizens and leaders of Israel face enormous geopolitical and economic pressures from every side. They also face a fierce and raging spiritual battle beyond what most of us can understand or imagine. What’s more, some of us have a sense that the Jewish State will soon face its darkest and most difficult hour. Let us not just say we love Israel. Let us intercede on her behalf. Let us come before the God of Israel and ask Him to grant His protection and blessings and pour out His Holy Spirit on all the people of Israel — Jews, Arabs and all inhabitants of the Land. The Bible commands us in Psalm 122 to “pray for the peace…

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False Flag/ IsIs Attacks on Journalist and EBOLA

Their “propaganda” machines at it again.

What are these robots or paid people?

It has been documented it was acting,  (actors) like Sandy Hook,  to try and bring in what they want to do to Americans.

And the “disease”  was manufactured to cause an emergency for martial law.

Which we need legit people under the Constitution in office in the first place, which they are clearly not.


They can pump out what they want, that is not going to stop people from fighting for humanity.

And the ones assisting, should really not sleep at night, and should be ashamed of themselves.

The world is watching.

Much luv and peace to all involved the world.