WHO is RONALD WEDERFOORT and how I used the ELITES to help all My brothers and Sisters using my TRICKS.

The Truth is the LIGHT

Dear brother and Sisters how are all of you today.

Today i wanted to share this with all of you, as you all know we all are here for a Purpose, and i also came here for Purpose, but these Elite Groups knew about me sins i came to earth for my Mission.

I must say the Creator has protected me all my life, and who dearly I LOVE for being there for me when i need it.

Yes my brothers and sisters everyone wanted me, because the ELITE where offering  them Money and Promises if they would keep me under their control. You to understand that they needed to keep out of sight and far away from people, and they wanted some one to CONTROL me or to guide me to them.

So I knew what every one was doing around me, and also I knew who the ones…

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Thank you for coming

Mind's Seat

artist depiction of Christ on the Cross

Jesus, thank you for coming into this world full of sin

For hearing the call of those who need peace within

You lived among us for a while

Where there were tears you brought a smile

You made the lame to walk and gave sight to the blind

Showed us the way in which new hope we could find

Jesus, we owe so much to You

You who know us through and through

You see the darkness within our soul

Guide us with Your Light to carry out Your Kingdom goal

Thank you for coming into this heart of mine

For patience as you do my soul refine

You heard me in my time of abuse

Told me to You I could be of great use

Father, who am I that for me Your one and only Son should die?

I am so far from where I yet should be

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