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Israel’s Four Weeks of Purposely Targeting and Killing Palestinian Civilians [IMAGES + VIDEOS]

United States Hypocrisy


gazagirlsadyoungThe mass murder and destruction that has been carried out in Gaza on such a large scale throughout the past month by the Israeli Defense Forces, under the command of the right-wing Likud leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has led many observers around the world to refer openly to the unyielding aggression against the trapped Palestinian population by a term once thought politically impossible: genocide. What else could Netanyahu and his fascists have in store when they knowingly attack and destroy the livelihood of more than 1.8 million people who are trapped and confined to one of the most densely-populated areas on earth? – An area which the latest attacks has reduced by a startling 44%. This is the third murderous military campaign against this mercilessly persecuted people in just five and a half years, all of which were a result of Israel’s American-supported blockade of the last 8…

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