Michael Jackson – Heal The World – SAVE THE CHILDREN – You Tube

Don’t concern yourself with anything but saving the CHILDREN and innocent human beings. Nothing else matters…
Not robotic likes, CONTROLLED likes, ect…(we know) its just how they do sh-t. Sorry no other word, astounding? Because frankly my darling I don’t give a damn.
But they want people to think no one is concerned or for this one or that one. It is NOT about us, that’s why I keep it movin. It’s not a “POPULARITY THING” which I was overwhelmed with it and still is, it’s just they manipulate so, you have to result to other means. But the point is THE CHILDREN AND INNOCENT PEOPLE, who gives a shit about your crap.
I love real and genuine, so far not too many, and people do notice. But they are such evil doers it’s pathetic. Most info should be blogged, shared, passed regardless. But they have “some” trained very well, or they are not human, or they are a button.
You see them in your e-mail, but not in public? What kind of stuff is that?
Outright sabotage, and again, “frankly my darlin, I don’t give a damn.” CHILDREN AND INNOCENT PEOPLE are the focus, it’s not me or you, it’s us, the HUMAN RACE, Peace
PS they attack your writing, the word peace is under the sentence. They have it squished at the end of the sentence.
I can’t believe, people follow this deception, and should be named as co conspirators against the Republic, and HUMANITY. Nobody that claims to be human, can sit back and be content with this madness. I don’t care what you have been brainwashed or programmed to believe, It’s not that much programming in the world, for me not to help my own race, humanity. They show they are worthless to God and humanity everyday.