National Liberty Alliance Disclaimer:

Click to access Hybrid%20papers%20disclaimer.pdf


This is a link to the disclaimer, explaining what occurred, so if you want to still print it and share it that is on you, please remove NLA affiliation, it’s one thing when you do not know?

But to spread it and you know is a smear campaign.. Because it has been explained in detail.

Thank you

Many blessings

And hope and pray America really wakes up.

To my knowledge he used the corporate America, INC, not America, there are two.
But again whatever he did and whom ever, they do not have any backing from NLA
Many blessings.

The Immediate Release did not come from the Grand Jury.

Sorry, but the Grand Jury did not post this or affiliated with this release, not NATIONAL LIBERTY ALLIANCE Grand Jury, he was a member and used the e-mail to send message and some members thought it came from NLA but actually it was a member who is no longer a member. NLA has placed a disclaimer regarding this, this was created by another source and is no longer affiliated with NLA for using the e-mail system. And connecting them. That’s why it had no heading, it did not come from them. Please retract post.
The individual used NLA email, so many were deceived.
If it is true it’s on what the person who wrote it is doing, what ever that is, at this point it is not NLA. go to NLA Monday night meeting and listen at what happened it was recorded, stating NLA knew nothing about it, but that he was a member and sent e-mail through the sites e-mail alerting everyone. They didn’t catch it in time, but are fully aware and disconnected from it. They are the Grand Jury nothing more.

I think he felt as the people he could do it? I don’t know not judging but it shouldn’t have been done on their e-mail or site, because it didn’t come from them.
Thank you.

Now a days, not happening, whether it’s valid or not, again it did not come from NLA, and how was this confirmed?
Thank you again?