Then I’ll do it this way, all bloggers that I re-blog stories, and you contact me thanking me, and also my “supposedly community” Where are the likes?? I don’t need them, because we talk. But they are scandalous? (NWO) employee’s. They just do you straight out filthy, and you try to ignore it especially when that’s not your goal? You just deal with awakening, that has nothing to do with your opinion of me. If you don’t know me by now? It’s all about love, I will not talk like I came out of a Caesars Pizza assembly line. I am me, more people need to be themselves and not a carbon copy of something they think they want to be, be U.
It’s really not that important to me because we know better, by the love of God Almighty see through it all You don’t have time, to see anything else trust me…


I hate that the SOCIAL WEBSITES belong to them as well as the media!!!!
When they think your getting to popular or being heard, THEY CHANGE IT.
There is a problem WP, can you fix it? Or is it purposely, thought I would ask,
Because suddenly…??????????????????????????????????????????
LOOK! I know the CABAL is your idle, but this is my BLOG, and I am so sorry you people don’t want us to be a Republic, which THAT IS EXACTLY what we are.
And if ANY of you have a problem with that, take it up with GEORGE. I didn’t write it and wasn’t there, but damn it I can read. You just get fed up with the BLOCKS, THE VIEWS, THE LIKES. It’s all crap, they are such CRIMINALS. They just run your sh%t. They say join blog, it’s your blog. But get to close to telling the truth…We are in our home land, this is our country damn you!!! NOBODY IS DOING WRONG, trying to help save OUR COUNTRY, and you have DEMONS doing this or that all day to your life!!!! If your going to control the darn thing, then why put anybody’s name on it??? You run it, they make you think you have a choice, but in reality, if you not spittin out their propaganda, or purple orchards, your performance is showing one thing, while your ratings are SAYING another. I never complained, because I’m not here to win the approval of everyone I encounter, but to just try and help save the babies, their future and humanity. If you have a problem with that, then I don’t know what to tell you? YOU HAVE NO DAMN JURISDICTION OVER THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. And yes I posted that, and I’m so sorry if your upset that we are trying to save WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!!!! All your damn laws are NO LAWS, and just because I posted it, some one else said it, and said it right and completely, ORDERS, and should be followed, but is it? RIGHT THING BEING DONE? Because it’s always business as usual, everybody chasing “their” money. Don’t care about wrong or right, it’s ok to have? But at what expense, humanity.
Selfish I don’t know what…there is no word
God please BLESS ALL.

Please leave my blog alone, it’s OK for someone to call individuals NIGGER,
and talk about how many BLACK’S ran rampant and beat up White women? Or THE MUSLIMS THIS OR THAT, knowing ALL Muslims are not attached at the hip. COMMON CORE, THIS CHRISTIAN GETTING KILLED, WARS, RAPE, MURDER, how great THE CABAL IS, all the DECEIT, LIES, ROBBING, (and ain’t NOBODY doing shit)
Just a lot of BACK AND FORTH, until things are set.
ALL A SET UP, ALL OF IT, KEEP US OCCUPIED, with this madness, that madness, until it becomes second nature, NOT!!!
But as soon as you are not in their program of molding America, then here comes the… what are they?
Open up my account like everyone else, if you do not?
I will slap an affidavit of truth against your sight,it’s bad enough advertisement is making a mint off me? (and I need no paid by you judge for that)Everybody shares videos, articles, ect… and your going to outright screw with my blog, it’s my blog,and if I have broken the rules in any way, in trying to help save my country, please share.
Looking forward to a reply.

You all know damn well it’s more than one like, they are idiots? Really, and they call us inferior? I’m sorry I call it as I see it. Like, they really don’t want to give you credit, period? Not even half? I’d settle for 1/16th? My notifications say more, and that’s all I’m concerned about. To reply to all that communicate, like, follow, they all mean so much tome. But I can’t only do so much, in answering everybody. I’m up all night? Barely rest, I sleep, eat, and drink this madness.
Trying to reply, and 1 or 2 never 4? But I have broken records? But I never say anything, because I know the truth and they know the truth. So why make me go there, huh?