Montague Keen – June 22, 2014

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Montague Keen – June 22, 2014

Montague Keen

I ask that you please reflect on the information that Veronica and Andrew are endeavouring to bring to you. It is important that you understand your TRUE HISTORY. Why you were lied to and how those lies have been used to manipulate everything ever since. It is not easy for my wife to take on such a huge responsibility at her age. There are those who have taken the trouble to offer help. I now wish to express my deep gratitude to the young man who visited my wife and took photographs of the portals and spirit lights in our home. He has now made it possible for my wife and a friend to return to TARA in order to release more energy. His offer of help is appreciated on both sides of life.

Please join Veronica on TARA on Monday 23 June at…

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Remy: God Bless the USA (VA Scandal Edition)

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remy God bless the USA VA Scandal version


Remy reworks the Lee Greenwood classic for today’s Veterans Affairs administrators.

Written and Performed by Remy. Video by Meredith Bragg. Music Tracks by Ben Karlstrom….

To see more Remy/Reason TV videos, go here.


Well they’ll be there in an instant
with the stars and stripes unfurled
glady going to the most dangerous
places in the world

But today it seems our fighting folks
are in danger once again
You may have seen the headlines in the news
or watching CNN

When we heard the wait times on our list
were so long that patients died
We said “This is government-run healthcare”
“So we’re gonna do what’s right”

We’re gonna grab a piece of paper
and we’ll make a second list
We’ll just say that wait times aren’t that long
and that no deadlines were missed
and when people die we’ll cross them off
and pretend they don’t…

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Bobby Jindal: ‘Angry Americans Ready for Hostile Takeover Of D.C.’

The Mad Jewess

Bobby Jindal: ‘Angry Americans Ready for Hostile Takeover Of D.C.’ this what you “Liberal” Commies really want?  You really want us all to kill each other?  Blood all over the country?  Fighting an endless war here in USA, also?  YOU Liberals can end this NOW by demanding Obama’s impeachment and get ready to toss all of these idiots out on both sides.  Turn back to the Constitution & our founding.  STOP the Socialism and Communism.   Its up to YOU Liberals to stop a civil war..   OR:  Forever Be known as Communist murderers by all of the other nations watching you…

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital.

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