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Blank Space invite

We cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work “Blank Space” – An anthology-styled book series.

As the title says a ‘Blank Space’ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ‘Volume 1’ of ‘Blank Space’ will emphasize on Short Stories that are ‘Filled with inspiration’

Why “Blank Space”?

1. To spread Positive Vibes by promoting the reading habit among students(special focus), parents and people who hardly spend time on reading. For ardent book readers this will give a whole new experience. Blank Space will be translated into other languages as well and published* (*based on the availability of our associates and translators).

2. We are focusing on reaching students in schools and colleges to cultivate a habit of reading the Appropriate Stuffs, which will help…

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Grand Jury

Watch video regarding Eric Williams, below is my comment and questions to him.

He is very knowledgeable, and I thank him for sharing, but he feels the people on the Grand Jury should make a declaration.

Well below is my response:


Thanks for sharing, great interview, just have a question?
If it’s all a scam then why do they have to prove sovereignty?
There is contradiction here, on one hand the Grand Jury is separate from courts, and that the courts have no jurisdiction over it, so who do they have to prove this too? If they are not lawful? They choose not to play in their sand box according to source.
Why would anyone have to prove anything? You stated you didn’t have to prove to them because they are criminals, but yet the people of the Grand Jury has to prove to an entity that is outside of it, in the first place? How do you re-instate their sovereignty, when it has never left. The Grand Jury is supposed to consist of 12 or 25 people if everyone needed to  “prove” sovereignty, then it’s not sovereign.
It clearly states it is the fourth branch of government period, and it says nothing about proving sovereignty to an entity you said, isn’t  valid in the first place.
According to that theory, “citizen” is not valid, so why should they have to prove they’re not? When in reality as you said, they are not a citizen  in the first place Mr. Williams?  Your very knowledgeable and you spoke correctly in terms of the power of the Grand Jury.
 And it really is not necessary because the sovereignty has never left Besides to my understanding they are under anonymous so as to not be co-Hurst  by anyone.
These gentlemen to my knowledge makes sense, a declaration for what?
The Grand Jury was hidden from us and sovereignty, how can you declare to something that supposedly does not exist in the first place. Same with Obama’s
eligibility? On one hand they say he is not eligible but yell impeach him. If he is not eligible, then how can you impeach him? I am not the one confused here, Common law is Common law.
In other words if they make a declaration to the courts or who ever, then what’s the point? They are playing their game and denouncing the power that have been delegated to them by the Constitution.You stated the birth certificate is fraudulent, then why separate something that is not valid in the first place?
I can not speak and do not speak for NLA, only from my knowledge and what makes sense to me.
But I will say NLA to my understanding is not a group, it is the 4th branch of government, under Common law, the law of the land.
And they are fantastic, caring, very knowledgeable individuals under the umbrella of the Common law Grand Jury.
They want to return justice to America, and are not in any way on a witch hunt.
But I guess, can not and will not be ignored.
But I thank you again for sharing wisdom and knowledge, peace.