PETITION: Mrs. Georgeta Gavrila: Suspend the do g catching activity in the entire country and the killing of dogs untill ALL the requirements of the law have been fully implemented everywhere in Romania.

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Mrs. Georgeta Gavrila: Suspend the do g catching activity in the entire country and the killing of dogs untill ALL the requirements of the law have been fully implemented everywhere in Romania.

by Animals Rights Activists Romania | 4,652 supporters

Suspend the dog catching activity in the entire country and the killing of dogs untill ALL the requirements of the law have been fully implemented everywhere in Romania.

  • An: Mrs. Georgeta Gavrila

In Romania local authorities have decided NOT to fully implement the new Law for the management of stray dogs,only the KILLING of these animals. This is UNACCEPTABLE and the National Authority in charge with the complete implementation of this law…

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Just pondering…





Just pondering…

We know it all makes no sense, that this day and age people are constantly throwing in racial, this or that, to get people into that mind-set. It’s all being so manipulative, you can see it clearly, they really do think we are stupid sheeple? Seems like once the brain washing is revealed, it’s not quite effective as it was.  I have a question? Are they our government? Really? Why are they called our government? They have usurped offices and that is clear, don’t know names or who they really are? Was it that easy to just step into our government offices? Without making it legal and lawful according to the guide lines? Why did they make guide lines? So anybody out of another country, ethics, or not even American for that matter, can just step in and be thrown on us? So they are not our government, but they can dictate?  Our government was not created by them, they committed treason and created their own, under a corporate umbrella, that deals with corporate and not our government in reality. And anything created by them in the name of our government, in reality, is what? Can anyone answer that plz?

All the people who are aiding and betting with these corrupt people will have innocent people’s blood on their hands, not the corporation. These people want a world promised to them that will never come to pass. Thinking they will in the end, have their way and they will have the world the way they want it, at others expense and sacrifice. That they well fully know, this is not just their world, it belongs to everyone.  Which what they are hoping for is definitely based on hate, greed, hurt and most of all manipulation. When in essence  it will be no world, to have, at all. So all of you or them can lie, make UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws and manipulate so much they believe it themselves. But we all know the truth, and that is what no one can hide, you can lie, make up, change, but the truth is still there, they, you, who ever, really has no real righteous authority. But something they claim to have and do not, whether it helps to know or not.  Since you created your corporation, in reality, and any way you ponder it, it is truly separate from us, the people.

And people know this, but continue with the manipulation on Americans anyway.

I don’t care about the way it is, why did they have to tell us? They took everything anyway, we could have dealt with even the usurpation. But what they want in the end for humans, is insane period, it just is? I don’t care how big your house is or your paycheck, or your ego or greed or selfishness, its pure insanity, at the highest level, since the existence of insanity.   When you decipher  the greed behind all this, it makes you want to vomit. People are so bound on hate, ego, arrogance, want, and self superiority, they can not, will not, and refuse to see, what is really happening? I used to believe when they said you were wrong in doing this or that, codes, statues ect…that they had authority from some where to do so. When they revealed the truth, and they did,  you now know it was a scam from beginning to end, whether they admit it willingly or not it’s out there, with documented proof from many many various sources.  It makes a difference inside you, along with the knowledge of the way it really is supposed to be.  The only way to conquer this is through love and forgiveness, even for them. No one knows why any of them are doing this, but the one thing no one can deny,  it is wrong.

These people who have no right are doing this, and other people placed to do their corrupt bidding, are doing this, not our government.

I love our government, I love the Constitution, I love the Bill Of Rights, I love our Declaration of Independence,

I love our four fathers for all they did to try to protect us. But they kept it from us, not knowing it was there all the time and that it can not be removed. Along with the fact everything we received came from God, and not man trying to be God and love the fact, that it states if you do not uphold the laws of the land and your country you are a traitor.

Because whether they acknowledge it or not this is our country, and you do what ever possible to protect it from people who do not have America or it’s people in their best interest, in this case, well its way past rights of the Constitution or any paper.

It’s about people who are using the good name of America and it’s power to destroy this beautiful world. And they want you to see them as what? A title?

i can understand how they got in, through the same process of what’s happening now, even though many Americans despise them, they are thrown on you through media and propaganda. Their faces appearing, and most want no part of them, to even look upon them.

No matter  who they really are? The world of madness continues to roll on, knowing? And the really ridiculous part is they want you to still act accordingly, the government this and that. The President this or that, the Senator this and that, that’s what I ponder about most of all, nobody is that brainwashed to see they have all gotten in these offices and are running way past their authority and office.

That’s what’s so justifiable under Common Law,  the law of the land  The people in these corporations can not hide behind a title or corporate fiction, but will be responsible for each of their individual actions. And it’s merciful enough to realize many do not really know, but hold accountable the individuals that do.

Our government recognized the people, and their right to be.


God bless all involved, the world.

A good heart has to forgive, it doesn’t know how not to forgive.

GODLY REBEL: School Tells Christian Not To Mention God At Graduation, Watch What He Does

What Did You Say?

This young man, Brooks Hamby, was the salutatorian for his High School’s graduating class. When he submitted his speech to the school for approval, they told him that he would not be able to mention God. This is what he says in his speech:


“In coming before you today, I presented three drafts of my speech, all of them denied on account of my desire to share with you my personal thoughts and inspiration to you: my Christian faith,” Hamby said. “In life, you will be told, ‘No.’ In life you will be told to do things that you have no desire to do. In life, you will be asked to do things that violate your conscience and desire to do what is right.”


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