Huge fish discovered from long before dinosaurs

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This video is called Fish of the Silurian Period.

By Jennifer Viegas:

Did Super-Sized Animals Live Long Before Dinosaurs?

June 12, 2014 11:00 AM ET

It’s generally believed that Earth’s earliest animals were not very big, but discovery of a huge new fish that lived around 423 million years ago has scientists rethinking what life was like close to 200 million years before the first dinosaurs emerged.

The fish, named Big Mouth Blunt Tooth (Megamastax amblyodus), is described in the latest issue of Scientific Reports. For its time, the toothy and lobe-finned fish was in the number one spot on the food chain.

“At 1 meter (3.3 feet) in length or greater, it was vastly larger than any other animal,” lead author Brian Choo told Discovery News, adding that Big Mouth was “likely the earliest vertebrate (backboned) apex predator in the fossil record.”


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More reasons why local parents should be very concerned about Common Core

Stop Common Core Illinois

Stop Common Core NC –

Thanks to Common Core, my 9-year old daughter was just exposed to an ugly historical incident involving false gang-rape allegations.

See below for images of the assignment she brought home yesterday from her Wake County Elementary School.  As you can see it is an assignment designed to help students with their reading comprehension. It is an example of an “informational text” utilized as part of the new Common Core standards here in North Carolina.

The assignment was to read a passage “about a famous person or a historical event,” and to write as if making a diary entry from the point of view of someone who witnessed the event to support a particular point of view.

Here’s what got my attention: the passage was a summary of the “Scottsboro Boys” incident from 1931. For those who don’t recall, the incident involved a highly racially…

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