I just want to say, in a very loving way…

The world knows some where deep down in its every sense of being,  their right.

The one thing about evil, it doesn’t see what it is doing to you and don’t care.

That part is not human, because humans can’t do that, maybe it’s a curse?

Maybe it’s a blessing? The internet, and many of the “gatherings” are infiltrated with them.

When I say infiltrated, I mean, by humans who have taken on that dreadful characteristic

of not stepping in another shoes, just for a sec?

The brainwashing has been in such depth, that  people really, believe what they are doing

to right?

Or in fear, of a bunch of people now who know and they are going to come after all the people in the


I don’t think that’s really in many Americans heart right now.

Many are aware of people positions, the reason why they are doing what they are doing,

and why they are doing it.

That’s the best thing about common law, everyone gets to tell their story, or administer a

complaint to 25 people who are everyday people, whose job is to seek the truth on both sides..

Everyone has a chance to explain, the circumstances behind the situation, without sway,

one way or another.

In the simple language we were taught

No,, money involved for anyone, except in favor of the people.

Just plain ole justice.

Many Americans, I know want to forgive, as long as there is change.

Change in that being, for the good of course..

And the change is not a bad one.

It’s right, and it’s much better for you?

You can not be more flabbergasted, then all that we have been awakened too.

And it’s just all in our face, people not acting like people, can’t read, see, nor hear?

The internet is about gone..and they are smiling…

Everything seems latched on to it, normal, right, sense, common sense, shrinking.

Just nothing makes sense?

I’m sure it was all intriguingly woven , and nothing is suppose too.

If it made sense, it would be right.

The people you think are around you, are for you, or your cause  they are not.

We are right, the people are right, the Grand Juries are right, The Constitution is right, common sense is right.

And most of all God is right.

How can you judge right?

How can you wrong right?

How can you ignore right?

How can you not hear right?

How can you not recognize right?

You  may not want to see right, but it’s there, it will never go away.

The definition of right:



adjective, right·er, right·est. in accordance with what is good, proper, or just: right conduct. .

in conformity with fact, reason, truth, or some standard or principle; correct: the right solution; the right answer.

correct in judgment, opinion, or action.

fitting or appropriate; suitable: to say the right thing at the right time.

most convenient, desirable, or favorable: Omaha is the right location for a meatpacking firm.
Right is truth…Image