Forgive In The End

To the very well spoken gentle man, that has the TV show. I understand your frustration.

But what I have trained myself to do, is vent and then forgive.

If you’re not overwhelmed sometimes by this? Then you ain’t paying attention..

Sometimes if you didn’t vent, in this madness? You’ll literally scream! 

But the key is to forgive after you scream,  and you’ll feel peace, for a while

Even though you’ll just keep going through that, emotion especially  because of all the activity going on,

You try not to dwell, I said try,  the part of the video I really agree with are mainly, that venting is good.

I understand his frustration for sure, because we have it, whether they want us to act like we don’t?

But really, that’s just a suggestion, vent and forgive, but what ever way is comfortable for you is all that counts.

So post were going by, so fast even when you’re looking at a video it just pushes the blogs down.

And they are supposed to compile at the top of the page? So I lost him, anyway, I thank him for sharing his thoughts, and powerful wisdom.

With all that is changing, you will constantly become, some what upset to say the lest, just repeat the process.

as long as the end, you forgive, it makes it easier to move on.

One thing also, I saw Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, now I know where the big, bright, eyes comes from. It runs in the family, ok I can understand that.

But why does she support Unconstitutional laws?

Well peace and luv to all world-wide

Much luv and peace.

Dolce & Gabbana & Magnum Pistachio White, an anniversary flavour


Dolce & Gabbana & Magnum Pistachio White ice cream a recipe inspired by Sicily with a touch of glamour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magnum.

Dolce & Gabbana & Magnum Pistachio WhiteDolce & Gabbana & Magnum Pistachio White

Magnum and Dolce & Gabbana have decided to present the legendary ice cream in a totally new and with a super glamorous touch .The iconic ice cream is colored in fashion and fantasy.

Pleasure, sensuality and Italian style are the hallmarks of this collaboration that comes from deep sharing of same values ​​and philosophy that led to the birth of a new experience of the Italian taste.

Soft vanilla ice cream covered by a layer of white chocolate. One bite, and while the shell is broken with a crispy taste, the palate is surprised by nuggets of dark chocolate and chopped pistachios.How delicious this sounds?!

Pure pleasure for the senses the new limited edition Magnum, who turns out to be much…

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Fruit juices, fizzy drinks and cereals push children over sugar limits

Stop Making Sense

Laura Donnelly reports for The Telegraph:

Fruit juices and fizzy drinks provide the largest source of sugar for children aged between four and 18‘A single glass of fruit juice a day is the most anyone should drink, new guidelines say, as a report warns that families are consuming unsafe levels of sugar. There is rising concern that sugar is one of the greatest threats to health, creating an obesity time bomb and contributing to spiralling levels of diabetes. Health officials issued the warning as a national study found that children and teenagers are consuming around 40 per cent more added sugar than the recommended daily allowance.

Fruit juices and fizzy drinks are the chief culprit, providing the largest source of sugar for children aged between four and 18, the National Diet and Nutrition Survey by Public Health England found. The country’s most senior nutritionist yesterday advised limiting children and adults to 150ml of fruit juice per day, and always accompanied by a meal. It is the first time…

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Citrus Herb Roasted Vegetables

Cook Plate Fork

Citrus Herb Roasted Vegetables

This recipe focuses on the roastedvegetables as a side dish. We did use skinless chicken thighs (bone-in) as this is my families favorite part of the chicken. Though I do prefer, de-boned, skinless chicken breast.

You can roast these vegetables with about any meat you wish, including fish like Salmon or Halibut. The blend of seasonings that we used are common culinary herbs with the zest of citrus fruits, orange and lemon. This seasoning blend is well suited for many uses in the kitchen, like adding spice to a fruit salad, or add it to a grain, such as quinoa. For lean meats, you can use the citrus herb seasoning as a dry rub before grilling.

The seasoning consists of  the following:

1 tbsp. dried thyme

1 tbsp. dried oregano

2 tbsp. dried basil

1 tsp. dried rosemary

1 tsp. dried sage

1 tsp. fennel seeds

Mix the…

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SUNDER, the elephant …. free at last!!

It Is What It Is

~~June 5, 2014~~ 

Sunder the Elephant

Free from Torment at last

(Written by PETA)

We are overjoyed to report that the much abused young elephant Sunder was placed on a truck by a team of experts who had travelled to Kolhapur to work with the Maharashtra Forest Department and is now being driven carefully and slowly to his new home as per the order of the Supreme Court of India.

Sunder Being Transported to Safety

~The transition was not easy~

This progress was made after a great deal of struggle, including dealing with sabotage by screaming men, near rioting, tires which were punctured with nails by those who wanted to keep Sunder in Kolhapur to endure a life of abuse and amahout (elephant handler) who shouted the wrong commands in order to agitate Sunder. Even now, a motorcycle gang is following the truck, despite police protection. The police and Maharashtra Forest Department officials…

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