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The Money Changers



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First off, I want to thank all the advice that was very sweetly put out there.

And I truly thank you, and appreciate you.

I created a video, named the “Money Changers” Marvin Gaye – “HOLY HOLY” was the background music.

In that video I depict real clips of from movie episodes involving Jesus, going up the Temple stairs SMASHING the merchants.

He beat them with a strap as well, Jesus was so ANGRY, he showed his utter disregard and despise for all of it.

What I am trying to say, the Bible speaks of, submissive behavior, sit and wait on the Lord, sit and wait to die, so you can go home to live with him.

That is all well and good, but God didn’t say be a mind controlled dummy either.

If they can hide history, change it with lies and manipulation, why not the BIBLE ?

Did Jesus sit?

No, he did not, there is contradictory somewhere here?

Jesus walked, he talked, he got ANGRY.

He didn’t walk around all the time being angry, he was very loving, kind and understanding.

But when he saw, humanity threatened he did what?

He showed emotions…

Did God scold him for being angry?

No, he knew he was part human, and understood, and Jesus was divine, we are not.

So all that be calm? I can’t, and I think God understands why.

My feelings are the Bible has been infiltrated as well.

As everything else has, leading people to be passive, compliant, and manipulated into waiting on Jesus, or God.

Did Jesus wait on God to do anything? No he did not, he tried to save the world while he was here.

He formed disciples to help him, and if it weren’t for “Judas”, maybe things would have been slightly different, you see Jesus was infiltrated too.

But there was only one Jesus, if he had what we have now?

He was chosen because the people at that time, had no other source so God sent a powerful man, his personal son, to reach the many.

And he accomplished that, if Jesus was alive now, he wouldn’t have been alone.

And he shouldn’t be alone, this is your world as well.

There are many that are contributing to helping humanity survive, and whether all this makes a difference, they are trying and God see’s that. 

Today? There can be many Christ like people, they will never be him, because he was special, God’s son.

But doesn’t  the phrase ALL GOD’S CHILDREN, say something or mean something?

I sometimes wish I didn’t know any of it, but why do I know? It’s a reason.

So whatever that, is labeled? In reality, it’s called sharing information to help humanity, it’s called wanting humanity to survive, that’s all, nothing more, nothing less. 

Why sit and wait? On who? On what? Be what? Do what? Say what?

Where ever God or your free will have placed you? Use it, if you possibly can, anyway you can.

God says, be quite and let me work,.

This is why I say, certain parts  of the Bible that have been changed,

Did he tell Jesus that? No he had Jesus spread the word so that the people were aware that the devil, was thrown out of heaven to the Earth.

Why would God do that to us?

My theory is God took great thought into creating paradise for us.

And he also created us, and gave us free will.

But he wanted to know who deserved paradise, and who didn’t.

What and who would they choose with their free will, him or Satan?

Some human’s are content with the thought, God will do everything, Then? Guess what? They don’t have to, much easier to wait on “something”.

If you lived way out in the country?

And you received word some people were coming to rob your home, and kill you.

And you had nowhere to hide,  whether you had protection, or didn’t.

What would you do?

Sit and wait on God and Jesus?

Sit there on the couch and say, “Oh, well I’ll just sit and wait on them, then I can go live with Jesus”.

Or are you going to PREPARE, in other words… are you going to help yourself, or sit and wait?

Going across the board now, in the movie “Home Alone” what did the little boy, Kevin do?

A kid with no weapons? What did he do? Did he sit and wait for them to rob his parents home?

Or did he use anything his little wisdom and knowledge had to offer,  to help him survive?

Did he sit and wait on Jesus or his parents, or call the police?

No, and if he hadn’t, used his mind, his assets  what would have happened to him and his parents house?

There are 7.5 million Jehovah’s Witnesses…waiting on the Lord.

They fought all the way to the supreme court, for the right to solicit without a license, and won.

Good case to present regarding traveling.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to visit one of their headquarters, and found browsing through the history part of the tour.

There were plaques hanging on the wall  with photos, of the men who started it all, the organization, religion.

For not to say nothing…

All of the men look like some of our politicians?

All White, a very collegiality look.

The same imagine they achieve, that makes them so acceptable to society.

The look of the NWO?

The same way they are turning the look of the police force into.

 Balds heads and shades, they don’t even have the freedom to wear hair?

Can’t they see how they are taking their rights at the same time, the police are taking ours?

To proceed, anyway, I thought, oh no, this is not for me, I spotted the set -up.

All I could think of, was  this is a part of the plan, get as many to “wait on the Lord” as you can, and they will be fine.

And if you see any of them, they are so brainwashed and controlled, it’s a sight to see. (Not their fault)

They will go out peacefully, with their heads high, to be with the Lord…because the Lord says so…

If it were ever to be a truthful religion? I think it became infiltrated like everything else, at one point.

If not, created just for this purpose.

The point? God gave us all free will, and if you want to wait on the Lord, it’s your prerogative.

I’m just explaining my theory, and why I feel the need to help do what I can.

Which may be small, especially with “sabotage” on the agenda from everywhere.

But you to just do what you can, not trying to be anything, but what God meant for you to be and do.

I think God gave us rules sort of like Common law, all the other was added.

You have the right to be you, defend you, help you, by helping yourself, as long as you don’t step into another space.

God said, “You make one step I’ll make two”

And Jesus didn’t have military planes flying low over his house, spraying God only knows what.

Spraying all of us.

What would Jesus do?

I don’t know, but if they are mad at me because I am angry?

Knowing “rightfully” lawfully and legally they are wrong for doing this?

Not even suppose to be on our soil?

Let alone foreign troops doing the piloting?

Spraying all of us.

While ours is sent all over the world to do their bidding.

God knows in my heart I wish no harm on anyone,  he knows that part for sure.

And I think that is all he wants to know.

He knows better than we what we are faced with.

I don’t think God would use profanity, but what is it?

Words made and labeled that, that’s what.

Who’s to say what God is saying right about now, watching his beautiful creation.

And many are sitting by watching, waiting on him, because of a book.

That man could have clearly manipulated.

And not using “common sense” to help and try to survive.

I thank you Jesus for the free will.

That’s one you gave us no one can take away.

We all have it, do what you will with yours.

One thing I know for sure God loves us all.
And for the most part?
Jesus was peaceful and wanted to hurt no one, but the point of this, is he had emotions too.
And had a 0 tolerance level for certain situations.
I am not suggesting to go around hitting anyone.
We are in a different time, but you can understand why he did.
But do use Jesus whip as far as knowledge and wisdom with a peace-offering of forgiveness, along with your SWORD. 0 tolerance of certain situations using the sword of common sense and knowledge.
As far as in the end? The Wrath? The Punishment? I feel that is God’s department.
Much luv and peace.

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