Vietnam vet wins battle to honor Native Americans

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Vietnam vet wins battle to honor Native Americans

He spent seven months on the frontline, dodging gunfire in the jungles of Vietnam.

But it was decades later before Stephen Bowers would win one of the most important battles of his life:

Convincing Congress to honor Native American war veterans with a statue and education center in Washington D.C

I, by no means wish to put any damper on this, a very good thing, I just hope that anyone involved will take a little time to make sure that no toes get stepped on, remember that not only did our people put the maximum number of braves into battle for our country, every tribe all across Indian Country did so together and this should be taking into consideration while planning a statue?

Just saying?

Native American Map

It is going to be very interesting seeing what one statue representing 5,000 tribes is going…

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GMO: Weaponized Agriculture

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Modern warfare and profit motives in a debt based economy are all elements of a disastrous meme.
Add to that a hierarchical structure that values scarcity and usury! Wow, the psychopathy is on full display for all willing to look and glimpse the Truth. ~Ron
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By Tom Mysiewicz

Recently, an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Russia—the National Association for Genetic Safety–began working closely with the Russian Duma to enact a set of laws criminalizing the introduction of harmful genetically-modified crops (GM or GMO crops) as well as withholding information on harmful effects of such crops. Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated he will sign such legislation, saying Russia can grow enough food for itself without genetic engineering it.

“If Americans like to eat such foods, they can eat them,” Putin is reported to have said. But with GMO companies in the U.S. massively…

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[VIDEO] Melchior: Records Show Feds Kept Mt. Rushmore Closed During Shutdown to ‘Make it Hurt’

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For more on Jillian’s report on the Department of Interior’s decision to keep Mount Rushmore closed, read her latest piece, “Inflicting Pain for Political Gain.”

baker1Gerard Baker, superintendent of Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Kristina Barker/ Rapid City Journal)

National Review Online

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