Argentine microbiologist, critic of Monsanto, dies

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This video says about itself:

Andres Carrasco – Results of a Case Study of Glyphosate/Roundup

2 July 2012

Andres Carrasco, MD, is head of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory at University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and chief scientist at the National Council for Science and Technology (CONICET), Argentina.

The Carrasco laboratory investigates glyphosate/Roundup herbicide and birth defects

Carrasco’s findings gave scientific credibility to reports of people in Argentina who claimed escalating rates of birth defects and cancers after the introduction of genetically modified soy, which is engineered to tolerate being sprayed with huge amounts of glyphosate.

In June 2011, Earth Open Source published a report by a group of international scientists, “Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?” which examined the original approval documents for glyphosate and found that industry’s own studies from as long ago as the…

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Healing River Flow Through Me

Mind's Seat


Healing river flow through me

Make me who I ought to be

Hear the cry of this hurting child

Who longs to be set free


Healing river flow through me

Make me who I ought to be

Keep me from the stain of sin

And let your abounding joy flood in

Hear this cry from deep in my soul

Knowing only in loving You can I be made whole

That’s the healing river that will set us all free

The healing river for you and for me


Healing river flow through me

Make me who I ought to be

Keep me from the stain of sin

And let your abounding joy flood in

Lord, I claim Your healing river today

That will be with me all the way

Will lead me from my blindness to a holy sight

To the Way, The Truth, The Light

Chorus: Repeat twice

Healing river flow…

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Stop Common Core Illinois


The Obama administration, shortly after taking control of the federal bureaucracy, changed student privacy laws so that government can track their progress from “cradle to career,” monitoring everything from math and reading skills to values, opinions and attitudes.

More and more people don’t like that. And they are just saying “no” to the government.

It is the amount of student data being collected that ballooned under the new Common Core national education standards, fueled fears of abuse and sparked a growing backlash against the testing system used to scoop up highly personal information.

The “opt out” movement in which parents opt their children out of the standardized tests has spread in recent weeks from New York to Georgia to Alabama.

Some teachers have also started to buck the system. Just last week teachers at Prospect Heights International School in Brooklyn, NY, refused to administer a standardized test tied…

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Boiling Frogs and Last Straws _ The Work of Big Government

Asylum Watch

My friend Brian, at Frankenstein Government, did a post about our  First Amendment right of free speech a while back. He said he understood why “free speech” was number one in our Bill of Rights:

… because a group of radicals using free speech are what gave us our freedom.  I also realize that at some point in the future, a bunch of radicals using free speech are going to give us back our freedom.

This humble observer, of the asylum we all have to live in, desperately wants to believe that Brian is right. That some day the American people will say enough is enough and we are not going to put up with it any more. Among the group of radicals using “free speech” to give us back our God-given freedoms was Thomas Jefferson who wrote in the Declaration of Independence:

When in the Course of human events…

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