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God Sent a Dog

Who I am


It was a windy day. The bitter chills made Jerry sink down inside his jacket. Snow flakes were gently falling. He blew into his hands trying to warm them up. He watched people pass him. Thinking he was invisible until one child walking with her mommy stopped and stared at him.

” I’m not invisible afterwards. The guy who had stepped on my foot was just rude.” He pulled his hat farther over his ears and prayed. ” Lord, if there is a God, well, if you are really real, can you do me a favor? Can you get me out of here? Can you get me off of the streets? I promise if you help me, I will do anything you ask Lord, anything.”

He sat there shivering, continuing to watch people. No one stopped, no one talked. The world seemed to be a place where no one gave…

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About Sherayx

Hi, I am a humanitarian...I love this planet, my home, your home, our home...I have been a blogger on WP for some years and downs but still think it;s one of the best. . I want to bring love and light... We have to look out for each other...we are all we have...

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