What do they get out of it?

To discredit u? To make it seem no one is corresponding with u?

Sabotaging ur videos, and anything else, they can control.

That’s how they win through lies and deceit! They don’t know

anything else. Had many family and friends, plus many many contacts.

View my videos, and ur views r still low? That’s how these maniacs get into power

by manipulating votes, views of their own and others  ect…

Like the ppl running in 2016, ppl want to hang them out to dry, l

et alone vote for the criminal maniacs!

I hadn’t bother to look because if ur being sabotaged u know. I have dealt with many, with the “don’t pay them any attention ppl and their videos”, I am not the only one. They hide ur mail, take ur friends away, stifle creativity, like ppl r not used to and aware of their BS, repeat syndrome.