Property Owner in Jail For Shooting Suspected Burglar for the Third Time

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A property owner who opened fire on a suspected burglar is in jail tonight, facing felony charges for assaulting the burglar, who is being treated for two non life threatening gunshot wounds.

Miodrag Bugarcic owns a warehouse in Cleveland. The warehouse has long been the target of thieves looking to steel various scrap metals such as wires and pipes.

Last week, Bugarcic arrived at the Warehouse to find someone inside, cutting wires. Bugarcic allegedly opened fire on the suspect, who fled. Bugarcic then, also allegedly, opened fire on the suspect as he fled.

Bugarcic claimed that the suspected burglar came towards him armed with a pipe.

The gun Bugarcic used in this incident was a .22LR bolt action rifle. Not an ideal self defense gun, right? Well, it turns out Bugarcic’s other firearms are currently in a police evidence locker, because this isn’t the first time he has had to…

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Bob Owens Speculates On A Possible 1000% Increase In California CCW Permits


California Concealed Carry Could Easily Jump 1100-Percent After Peruta

Calguns Foundation has issued data projecting the number of concealed carry permits that the state would have to issue in the first year if the state is forced to adopt a “shall issue” permit as a result of the decision in  Peruta v. San Diego (PDF).

Based upon the percentage of the population that decided to apply for a permit, and extrapolating from existing permitting data, Calguns Foundation suggests that from between 292,342 to 1,461,709 Californians will receive concealed carry permits, figuring a 1%-5% application rate.”

   Here is Calguns statement on the Peruta decision , here is the suit Peruta v. County of San Diego and here is their page on the battle for CCW rights in California while you can read the rest of the story from Bob at Bearing Arms .

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Sugar Diabetes for Canines

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Diabetes mellitus, most commonly known as sugar diabetes, is a common disease in dogs. Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Miniature Schnauzers, Keeshonden, and Poodles have the highest incidence, but all breeds can be affected. Females with the disease outnumber males by three to one. The average age of onset is six to nine years.

(Check out The Rise of Demand for Pet Insurance)

Diabetes is a result of inadequate production of insulin by the islet cells in the pancreas. There may be a genetic predisposition for this in some dogs. Islet cell destruction also occurs in some cases of pancreatitis. Insulin enables glucose to pass into cells, where it is metabolized to produce energy for metabolism. Insulin deficiency results in hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and glycosuria (high urine sugar).

Glucose in the urine causes the diabetic animal to excrete large volumes of urine. In turn, this creates dehydration…

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TRUE LOVE by HastyMom


I didn’t really know my Grandparents very well, I mean… I did lots of fun things with them but to sit and talk with them and get to really know them isn’t something I ever got to do.  They both died in their early 60’s when I was barely 20.  So I am left with home movies, still pictures of them and the stories I heard my mom and her siblings tell.

My mom, HastyMom, sent me this piece she wrote yesterday.  Every time a friend or family member sends me something they wrote I feel like I am getting to see something new inside of them.  This is a story my mom wrote about my Grandparents, a story she wanted to preserve.

The pictures are of my Grandparents.

True Love 002

True Love 004

True Love 003

When she was young and full of dreams she caught the eye of a Dr’s son.  She was only 17 and…

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‘Sixth’ sinkhole destroys house in Ripon, North Yorkshire and forces three homes to be evacuated

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A sinkhole has caused extensive damage to a home in Ripon, north Yorkshire, leading to fears it could collapse completely and the evacuation of surrounding properties.

Yet another sinkhole has opened up in flood-hit Britain, the sixth this month, leaving one house on the brink of collapse and two more homes evacuated.

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