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Global Non-Compliance

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One of the tools available to institutional authority is the threat of violence (State sponsored terrorism). Security forces, Police, martial law, and Military has that role of obeying orders and harming or threatening the people. The uniform and written obligations has psychological effects that I will not talk about here, but they have been researched and documented, below are but 3 studies out of many.
1. The Stanford prison experiment by Professor Philip Zimbardo 1971
3. Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy
Harvard Student Paper April 2010  

People in uniform and offices of authority will have the choice to quit the job or obey destructive and inhumane orders.

Unrest, dissent, public protest are on the rise in the USA and here are some statistical data that you will find interesting.
See on Americans’ views on the role and performance of government

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