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The parents of the five families contend that vaccines caused their children’s disabilities have joined forces to take GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Sanofi to court in hopes that the courts will acknowledge the side effects of vaccines and award compensation to their disabled children.
The children from left to right: Naomie, Lolita, Lucia and Terry. Nello is not in the photo because he was in hospital that day but pictured below.

Their lawyer, Mr. Hartemann, presented their case before the Court of Bobigny in the outskirts of Paris.

After addressing the court for an hour and a half, Mr. Hartemann claimed to be ‘pleasantly surprised’ by the verdict: The vaccine manufacturers had not objected to medical investigations in four of the five cases. This represents an initial ‘go-ahead’ which, if approved by the court, will pave the way for further investigations and research into the rare diseases suffered by these children…

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