The politics of dancing: control freaks versus the spiritual universe

Paper to Use

If you must engage the enemy, if you must speak to them, function near them, or worse yet, work for the “arch rivals” of the universe, you will NOW at least KNOW that they ARE evil, and begin your escape from their “grasp” on you, their effort to thwart your freedom, your individuality, your “pursuit of happiness.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s because you haven’t read the latest natural news on evil versus good, and how to pick out all the evil people on this world the second they try to “wield” their power, their sickle, their control sword onto you. Unless you live in solitude, high up on some mountain or in a cave, or on some huge farm you never have to leave, then you experience them, the “humanoids,” the control freaks who walk around the cities, who drive crazy on the roads, and…

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Cop Executes Service Dog In Owner’s Front Yard


Officer Shoots Dog At Boy’s Birthday Party

” A dog is dead, and its owner is alleging trigger-happy police work after a Filer officer shot the animal Saturday outside his home.

  Police, however, say the dog was aggressive and had to be put down.

  Rick Clubb said Monday that his son’s 9th birthday party was wrapping up about 5:30 p.m. when Officer Tarek Hassani came to his home on Jacklyne Circle on complaints of dogs running at-large.

  He shot the 7-year-old black labrador, “Hooch,” Clubb said, though it showed no aggressive behavior.

  Clubb said he suffers Parkinson’s disease, and Hooch was his trained service animal.”

    While the dogs were acting a bit aggressively why is it necessary for law enforcement’s first inclination always be to pull a gun . The officer was answering a call about loose dogs for chrissakes , there was no…

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Model Student Requires Emergency Surgery After Brutal Police Frisking


Philadelphia Teen Suffers Ruptured Testicle And Hit With Misdemeanors During Police Patdown

Published on Jan 18, 2014

” A straight-A student suffered a ruptured testicle during a patdown by Philadelphia police and was then charged with resisting arrest.

  Darrin Manning told The Philadelphia Inquirer he got off the subway Jan. 7 on his way to play in a high school basketball game with a dozen teammates wearing their team uniforms and hats, gloves and scarves given to them by a teacher.

  Police claim the boys were wearing ski masks, but the teens said they had covered their faces with scarves because it was cold outside.

  The 16-year-old student at Mathematics, Civics & Sciences Charter School said one of his teammates may have smarted off to an officer staring them down, and he said the boys ran when the police officer approached them.

  Manning admits that he ran…

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Red Light Surveillance Camera Vendor Bribed Govt. Officials In 13 States

Stop Making Sense

From The Star Ledger:

A fired executive from one of New Jersey’s red-light camera vendors contends in a lawsuit filed in Arizona that the company provided lavish gifts and bribes to government officials in 13 states — including New Jersey — to secure new contracts. The brief but bombshell reference to New Jersey and other states in a 13-page counterclaim was made by Aaron Rosenberg, former nationwide lead salesman for Redflex Traffic Systems of Phoenix. He did not mention specific municipalities from any of the states.

Rosenberg noted in the suit that Redflex “bestowed gifts and bribes on … officials in dozens of municipalities within, but not limited to the following states: California, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.” He said Redflex bribed local officials with meals, golf outings and tickets to professional football and baseball games. The expenses were listed as…

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